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I'm Pete, a.k.a. "Chef" and I'm an alcoh…..oh, no, wrong forum.   😀

I've been flying for a while now, both flat field and slope, although I still don't claim to be any good at either.    I did my BMFA 'A' for the flat field stuff but over the years I have gravitated more towards the slope flying.   I usually fly with my mates 'Whopper', 'The 'Barron' and 'Scallion' who are all based at opposite ends of the south of the country, so we meet up whenever we can and wherever the wind is in the right direction.  Just got back from a great weekend at the Bwlch, and this year I've spent a week at the Great Orme and the Ski Slope and flown several other great sites including both sides of Whitesheet, Contisbury and Crooks Peak.  I've been fortunate enough to have been sloping at Hahnenmoos, Switzerland a couple of years ago, and we are planning a return trip for 2020.

My main slopers include an  X-Models Whisper, RCRCM DG600, Multiplex Solius and a 3m FlyFly Condor Evo Magic.  I also have a Wild Thing, Top Model Thermik Dream, Royal Model MDM-1 Fox and a good ol' Middle Phase.

Hello to you all!


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