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F5j Team Trials & new Infinity Evo


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Team trials for f5j European Championship Hungary 2020 took place last weekend. Felt rusty after 2 years away from competition but satisfied with 3rd place day 1 and 3rd place day 2.  On the right is the Infinity NG used at the trials. On the left is the brand new Infinity Evo for the 2020 season.

All products used available from Flightech;

Infinity NG performance airframe
Kingmax CLS0512W Flaps, Kingmax  CLS0408W ailerons, Kingmax KM1203MD  fuselage
HET Typhoon 2W18 motor with Reisenauer 5:1 gearbox
GM16x8 prop on Reisenauer spinner (not shown on website but GM readily available from Flightech)
YGE 65LVT esc


New Infinity Evo available with either X-tail or V-tail but team pilots using V-tails. On both versions tail boom is 15cm longer for even better stability.


Very simple very clever V-tail mechanism



Infinity now with big flap option. New wing moulds have changed the dihedral layout slightly for even better low speed circling and airfoil optimised for big flap camber line

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Marc RC pilot

Why do you have to keep showing us these amazing sailplanes thermaldoctor!!!?

Jesus what the hell is wrong with you people!!!


Absolutely stunning on every level  

Well done on your results! 👍

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