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Royal Mail is very frustrating


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Does anyone else find Royal Mail frustrating?

Ordered the hobbyking altimeter and Bluetooth adapter as they were in sale for about £6 each.

Arrived from China on 10 October and entered the royal mail system thereafter...

... Royal mail tracking (as provided by hobbyking) tells me the item was delivered on 11 October...

Unfortunately it wasn't... Instead another item from China was delivered but this was unrelated as it was for my daughter.

So royal mail say it was delivered. Not really sure what I can do now.

So frustrating that an item can cross from China to UK safely, get through customs and be lost in the last 6 miles!

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Hi beamer 36

My father used to work for the GPO, when I asked him what it was like to work for them he said "Great up to about 10 hears ago until they started preparations for privatisation.......now, I wouldn't ask my worst enemy to work for them"

Two things - the GPO haven't had a two tier postal system (1st and 2nd class post)for over 3 years, they are still selling 1st class stamps although 1st class post  no longer exists

If you pay for "GPO signed for" and they lose your letter or package they no longer have a refund system, they have to offer you "stamps to the value"

In a recent "fly on the wall" BBC1 documentary they showed an interior shot of a sorting office of parcels where "This way up" labels were upside down on the shelves, and untrained "temporary" Xmas staff being shouted at by GPO managers........enough said?





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I can only imagine Pete.

So in essence royal mail have confused my 2 parcels from China and mixed them up.

I reckon the altimeter is still on the shelf at the delivery office.

How I prove that I have no idea.

Was really looking forward to using the altimeter too and now it is back up to £23! So cannot even grab another in the sale!

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