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Does anyone have an altimeter they are not using?


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40 minutes ago, Mark Evans said:

It's up to you guys but I wouldn't bother with the 6610T, especially if you want the vario cause it doesn't work (at least mine doesn't) and you have to spend an extra £25 as always to get the update cable (if you don't already have it) to fix the issues. Altitude does work though, and the new rf chips do seem way more sensitive than the older offerings. 

Considering this rx was used and the vario also tested by a Spektrum employee, posted in another forum back in July, it seems a bit fishy to me that it should be shipped with bugs present. 

For the first time I'm sending something Spektrum back, after spending £60 on this rx I won't be sucked into spending another £25 on a cable. Despite the issues and bad rep with Frsky at the moment, the G-RX6 works and like all their rx's comes with everything you need to update them in the box.

That's a shame. Spektrum is usually decent.

Is the vario simply not working or is it giving erroneous readings?

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Mine seem very unresponsive. I have to set the lift report to 0.1m/s to even get a beep from it, the ascending/descending tones don't really activate even at this very sensitive setting and the graph barely moves.

Andy at spektrum just tried to tell me I have to fly it to get it to work properly which is rubbish as the stand alone vario and the 9320T worked just fine for me, even in the house. My 6610T is nothing like those. 

As usual, been told I need a £25 cable to update. Strangely I was also told the test teams were all working fine. So how, back in July when Miguel posted he had been flying one and it must have obviously been working, did they then ship with buggy fw?

Easy sale of cables perhaps?......

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So are you trying the vario on the bench rather than in a model?

Perhaps it needs a prolonged period of height variation to gets it bearings for example (you can probably tell I am not technically minded).

Agree on the cable point. Why have they not made these simple USB cables - rip off proprietary cables are always frustrating.

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Well if it does then it doesn't behave like the stand alone vario or the one in the 9320T cause you can get them to announce ascending and descending just by moving them at home. In fact the stand alone Spektrum vario was rather good. 

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By far the best vario combo I have ever used is the TM1000 with a standalone vario. 

Space and weight is an issue but not a problem with my bigger e-gliders where I use telemetry equipment as ballast! 

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On 14/12/2019 at 19:36, beamer36m said:

Did you manage to get the Altis nano in?

Just wondering if any of you hobbyking altimeters are currently idle?

Now my AR6610T has arrived I do have a spare hobbyking altimeter! 

Do you still fly near York? Could meet up :)


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