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Freestyler 6

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Peter G

After a very straightforward build, I managed to maiden the FS6 on Sunday on Bishop Hill.

It was very light conditions 4-6ms, a bit crossed and the low sun wasn't ideal, in fact I did question whether it was wise but what could go wrong...

It went of without any trim required and flew OK, although the conditions were so marginal it was difficult to learn anything much except it respnds well to controls with settings as per my FS5. Dificult to even get enough height to come around behind me for landing so a sideways slope landing had to do.

2nd flight the conditions had improved enough for me to start getting the nose down and it definately has a good natural pace in low wind. Turns were good but it didn't seem sensible to start getting aggressive in the turn (as I am itching to do) that can wait for another day and a bit more lift.

The build was more straightforward than any other I have done, some photos below for info. The fuse was a simple servo install in the pre-cut positions but the servos needed a fair bit of grinding off the arises to sit down properly. It comes with a moulded nose weight and a 16500 li-ion sits with lots of room and my Futaba R6008HS receiever de-cased on top.

The wings come with a plywood bearing support rib pre-installed and the horns are already mounted in the ailerons and flaps. So with a fixed length GRP pushrod, the geometry is all there for you pre-installed. All you have to do is glue the plywood blocks in either side of the servoand screw it down. You need to cut a bit of wiper away to get the pins in to the horns but otherwise it couldn't be simpler and would be difficult to cock up! Although I did manage to blow up a servo by plugging it into the reciever the wrong way round (signal & negative reversed) 🙄 But thats a design flaw in my book, shouldn't blow for that, others don't...

Recommended CG from TUDM is 103-104mm to start (similar to FS5), I went with 104.5 initially and will try moving it back a bit once we are acquainted. At that CG it weights 2309g.

PS: note the drone operator number on the fuse, you never know when the slope police will strike.





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Peter G

I flew my first comp with the 6 on Saturday and it went pretty well.

Conditions were crossed and variable so difficult to draw any real conclusions but climb outs were good and straight line speed seems very good, cutting through the cross wind well.

I flew relatively light with only 500g ballast max. in 9-10ms but it didn't feel light or heavy, about right. I got great air in round 1 but mostly the downwind turn was really difficult (depending on the air) and it didn't feel very 'grippy' at that end when it was crossed but I'm pretty sure that would be the same with any model in those conditions.

I experimented a bit with the CG moving it back to 106.5mm for a couple of rounds and it still felt stable, but not any better as far as i could tell.

I need a day on the slope playing with set up to get the elevator / flap respose how I want it and build confidence but it was a decent start. I didn't fly particularly well and was lucky that the round I really cocked up (2) was against the FTD, so a discard anyway. So a decent start but further work required on set up and no back to back comparison with the 5 yet.


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certainly looks quick pete

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