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2020 F3F Competition Dates


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Competition dates for 2020:

Mar 28–29  Champion of Champions, Wales

Apr 26     BMFA L1, Whitesheet
June 7     BMFA L2, Wales
June 21    BMFA Reserve 1 (Wales/Whitesheet)
June 26–28 South of England Open
July 25–26 BMFA Nationals, Hole of Horcum
Aug 1–2    BMFA Nationals (Reserve), Hole of Horcum
Aug 9      BMFA L3, Long Mynd
Aug 22–23  English Open
Sept 11–13 Welsh Open
Sept 20    BMFA L4, Hole of Horcum
Sept 27    BMFA Reserve 2, (Long Mynd/ Hole of Horcum)


More details here:


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(Is this a good place to ask?) Do we have any 2021/22 Winter F3f League dates fixed yet? I need to know about October if possible. 

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That's right, fingers crossed. I have pretty much worked out early October's dates based on last year's anyway

Sorry to see you have dropped out of Sundays HoH. A heck of a trek given the earlier forecast, its true. 


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We were hoping for better weather to make a weekend of it. But the idea of watching the rain run down the Windows didn't appeal! A decision had to be made.

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