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6 hours ago, Brett82 said:

Hey buddy, I used to play ruby so being tackled is nothing new. lol. 

We had a chat and we are going to change it, it was supposed to be a link to the Quantum's but obviously we dont want to offend anyone. We have sent it to Mark to change but I dont think the application on GBSRA will update, I think it will only change for the comp.

Regarding the Quantum, I haven't had as much success as Les so far. Ive not flown much lately and the one time I did take it with me I made the school boy error of having the ailerons reversed. So the moment Les launched I tried to correct a wing going up, only the correction went the wrong way and it ended up rolling over and diving straight into the ground like a javelin. Thank heavens the ground was soaked so the nose went straight in, no damage at all. I changed the settings on the radio and had a flight but because I felt like I was rushed and after the crash I didnt enjoy it. Also, because I was rushed, not all the settings were right and I only realised I had almost no aileron movement with full crow, so that made the landing even more stressful. 

Since then I have only flown once and as it was +40mph winds so I didnt take it with me. Hopefully soon, I want it ready for the Summer league comps. 

Very frustrating but you'll have it whistling soon no doubt. Good luck Brett.

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Well the second owner maiden was less stressful  than the first ...... pleased overall 

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