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8th Mosquito 14-day Duration Challenge 2019


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It was another lovely morning here in Lawford, not too cold, 5mph wind, launch directly in to sun - or over it its so low.

Unlike @PaulR's field mine doesn't get ploughed - but the one next to it does, so mostly flew over that for buoyant air.

Tony M, 1m 26s, Hawk Mini



This is a for fun challenge, anyone with a hand-launch glider that conforms to the F3K (up to 1.5m) or Mosquito (less than 1m) class can post a time.
Object: Fly your F3K or Mosquito class hand launch glider for as long as possible from a flat field, the person who's time is unbeaten for 14 days 'wins' and a new challenge starts.

Rules: Fly safely. No slope soaring.

Post your times as follows:-.
Pilot Name, F3K or Mosquito class, model name, length of flight minutes and seconds, plus date of flight. (Please do the posting within 48 hours of the flight.)

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Wind is definitely a problem at the moment - forecast said 12mph for Colchester this morning but was about half that so fine for my 'porker' Hawk Mini - AUW = 146.4g

Windy.com is pretty for wind predictions, you can even adjust the height above surface - https://www.windy.com/53.743/-1.689?49.067,-8.613,4,m:e8Jaf6m
Other wind prediction apps and websites available.


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