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F5K - Stark Conversion

Paul Gleeson

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Well my old battered Stark was lying around so I thought I would convert it to F5K. Power train is based on the Snipe 2e, but shopping around you can get the parts cheaper.

All up weight of the power train is 38g minus a bit since I shortened the cables. Considering I had 20g in the nose, the weight gain is only 18g.  I'm using the same 2S 300mah Lipo I had before.

I had to guess a bit with the thrust angle then cut the nose off. The cross-section from now round, so found a tube of the correct diameter, stuffed it in the nose and got to work with the heat gun to soften the epoxy. Let it Cool, Job done. Motor plate cut from 3mm lite-ply. 

Half throttle draw about 1A and I reckon will get the DLG climbing steadily. Full throttle is over 3A, and this will be a very steep climb. Both RX and Motor are driven from the same battery. The motor using the balance plug, and the RX to normal one. Voltage warning set to 3.1 v per cell.

Now just waiting for some decent weather to test it...



Parts List:

T-30 1806 2300kv  or DYS SE1806-2550KV  (CW)

HawkRC BLHeli_32 35A

VM Spinner, Graupner 6x3 folding blades




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I don't mean to be rude here btw but:-

I do wonder though... 3A through the balance plug...
Is that ok? You're not just feeding in a few mA to even out a charge, you're putting a main flow through small wires.

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