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I am really pleased to finally be able to offer an extremely high quality very current and competitive F5j model for under £1k. It has been a long search and there have been many conversations but finally we are there. I have seen these models fly at the 2019 F5j WC and they go very well indeed. The fact that pilots were competing with them is a testament to the relavance of Osprey 2 to deliver WC  f5j performance. And under £1K?! I mean...

So finally here in the UK we have the Osprey 2 F5j. This model has hollow moulded wings with rohacell solid core tail parts all wrapped up in the very latest carboweave spread tow carbon. Quality and finish is up there with the very best. This does not have 2nd rate build quality or old school specification like some in this price catagory.

Osprey 2 features a 3.8m span spread tow carbon wing sporting purpose designed Mark Drela super thin airfoils for good thermal performace and ability in wind. The tail layout is also very current with some of the latest thinking in the best way to produce  low drag and best handling from an X-tail format.

Flying weight is either 1400g for a standard version or 1700g+ for a windy version.  Both versions feature post temperature cured laminates out of cnc machined alloy molds for harder more resilient and ding resistant surfaces.  Price is looking like £950 at present. I have a sample model i need to put together and test fly but this is already a well established model i have seen fly  that i have great confidence in.

Ideal for anyone wanting a very good quality high performance F5j / electric soaring model but who do not want to spend the extra money on the very latest pure competition models. 




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