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Marc RC pilot

Longshot 1 tail boom repair advice

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Marc RC pilot

Good morning. I managed to split the tail boom near the tail fin on my old Longshot 1 whilst being clumsy catching it from flight...

After reading some build threads here I purchased a roll of 80g 15mm carbon fibre spread tow ribbon and El2 Epoxy laminating resin etc from Easy composites.

I did a quick epoxy repair onsite which held until my last landing and now need to fix it properly.

I am thinking to remove the rudder control rod from tail boom past the point of break, removing what looks like twine, clean/sand/prep, slow zap repair site into correct position, and lay a few carbon stripes horizontally across the boom/break area being mindful to go easy on adding extra weight/soaking any up excess epoxy etc. I did opted for the fast epoxy hardener which I hope will be ok.

Any advice is appreciated.


Many thanks






PS this old glider and my Taranis  TX has been a fantastic learning curve for me and my aim is to keep using it to home in on the necessary RC/glider's myriad mixing/setup options  (which is incredible btw) and flying/launching skills etc. I remember applying the flaps for the first time last week and my jaw hit the floor as I watched the descent rate!  





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Marc RC pilot

Had a go at it, a bit of a bodge (should have watched the video from easy composites first....:) ), but turned out ok/seems incredibly strong. I applied strips of carbon along the length of the fuselage ( 1x carbon strip on the top sides and bottom. 

Also to note that the "fast" curing hardener takes a good 8 hours plus to set which gave me plenty of time to adjust things. I did not use the tape-wrap method to consolidate the carbon ( I found it hard to work around the tail area). I think if I had to do it again properly I would remove the elevator and start afresh. 

Amazing stuff this carbon fibre...






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