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Additional 2020 Date?


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After some back and forth with the BathSparcs club at Charmy Down, we have a couple of Sundays in July when a competition could be held.

Sunday 26th July or Sunday 12th July

The site is here for anyone not familiar with it: https://goo.gl/maps/RRQunnY52ouXE6Rq6

The 12th would mean two competition weekends in a  row and 26th will be the end of the first weekend of school holidays (in my area anyway).

On the plus side, if we did the 12th then anyone wanting to visit the southwest for the weekend could attend the Woodspring Wings show (where camping is available) on the Saturday: https://woodspringshow.co.uk/

Can I gather thoughts on if we should:

a) Skip it and maybe try and organise it earlier next year

b) Do the 26th July

c) Do the 12 July


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As this is such a good site I think we should go for it if possible.

I would, and would encourage others to, make the effort to be there whichever date is chosen.

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Thanks for the positive endorsement Lorry!

I’m glad to hear you’re planning on continuing flying in 2020 having not seen you since Little Bentley last year. 

I haven’t actually flown at Charmy Down myself. Only visited to watch and buy my first DLG model in 2017. I’ve heard other good things about flying there though. 

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