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FAI/GBSRA help needed.

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Without meaning to sound completely incompetent 😬

can someone please tell me in layman’s terms how I go about registering with the FAI and or GBSRA?

I am a recent new member to NYMRSC and I would like to at some time take part in competitions however when I try and find a simple answer to my above question I am met with various inaccurate answers that never match up.


any help greatly received.


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Just go to the BMFA website. On the left hand side scroll down to downloads. All the information and downloadable forms are there. 

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You probably already know this, but the FAI license is only required for international contests - the UK league doesn’t require them, but if you want to take part in the Contest Eurotour contests it will be required.


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Thanks Simon, yes I found that out early on in my search for answers that was the easy bit.

im not sure why I didn’t ask on here first as I have been directed to all the info I require straight away.

thanks guys 👍🏻

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You may have all you answers but just because no one has mentioned it, I will.

The moment you compete in your first uk race you are automatically a member of the GBSRA. I've never received any details of my membership but I'm sure if you ever needed them you can ask on here.

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Best thing is to come along to the f3f comps at nymrsc, then you can have a good chin wag, you've just missed one today. Next one is on the 21st weather depending

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