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Operator ID for foreign competitors


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I noticed on the GBRSA website that if you are a foreign pilot entering a UK comp, then the GBRSA will be supplying the operator ID during the comp. Do you think that this will apply to all UK comps and what are the rules when entering foreign comps for UK pilots.


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I asked the same question of Dave Phipps regarding overseas pilots competing at Interglide this year.

His reply is below:


Good morning Peter,

It’s not quite straightforward and is also likely to change in June/July!

At the present time we are operating under UK law which requires those operating any unmanned aircraft to be able to provide evidence that they are competent and registered.

In terms of the competency, the simplest way to tick the box it to ask them to take the CAA or BMFA test.

In terms of registration, they could register directly with the CAA, but an alternative would be for them to carry someone else’s operator number in their aircraft (CD or friend perhaps?).


When the EU regs come into effect in June/July, in theory you should only be registered in your own member state but would have to provide evidence of this.  The competency requirement for model flyers are limited to their own territory, so there may still be a requirement to take a test in whatever country you are flying in.


I hope this helps.



Dave Phipps

Chief Executive


Tel:  0116 2440028
Fax: 0116 2440645
email:  admin@bmfa.org

The Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers Limited

T/A The British Model Flying Association

A company limited by guarantee.  Registered in England Number 457067
Registered office Chacksfield House, 31 St Andrew's Road, Leicester, LE2 8RE


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Hi Dave,

yes - this applies to all UK (GBSRA run) comps.

For UK pilots visiting other countries, they must abide by the law of their destination country. Each country has different requirements, but the competition organisers are usually very clear about what you need to do, and we have tried to do the same.

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18 hours ago, Peter said:

When the EU regs come into effect in June/July

Quote from Dave Phipps.

What happens at the end of Dec 2020 when the transition period comes to an  end and we actually out of of the EU?

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On 13/03/2020 at 14:41, oipigface said:

We’ll all get a new strain of flu and die.

That would teach the money grabbing caa a lesson.

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