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Wing ballast stuck


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Thanks Greg and all those that posted suggestions. I ended up using CA to glue a self-tapping screw to the end of a bicycle spoke sliding it in and (on the 3rd attempt) managed to screw it into the lead and pull it out. Next time I will solder the screw to the spoke as the CA was not really strong enough. 
Job done and I’ll know for next time. Now, seeing as my lead ballast slugs have obviously gotten a bit out of shape and hence sticking, other than re-casting them, would a few gentle taps with a hammer (possibly with the slug sandwiched between 2 metal plates) straighten them out? I’ll try it and ask for more help if it doesn’t work.

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pete beadle

Hi William 

It would probably be easier to file the lead surface down with a rough file rather than hitting the slugs with a hammer that might cause local distortion

I would suggest you make a half-cradle with an offcut  of ballast tube with the OD just slightly larger than the slug, then locate each slug in turn into the cradle so they don't move about, and then file the surface of each slug lengthwise, rotating each slug until the whole of its surface is bright, and it slides easily into the offcut of the ballast tube, which will then be acting as a "go no-go gauge" checker...hopefully "simples!":thumbsup:

Good luck




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Just file them down a bit - lead is very soft - check each one as you go - some have probably got a couple of " high spots" that are causing the trouble. And round off  the corners a bit - as Greg suggested.

and when youve finished - spray them with a coat of primer so you dont get black leaded fingers & spoil your sarnies on the slope...


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😂. Thanks all. Will get the files out. Phil, I was wondering why my sarnies  tasted A bit strange up on the hill!🤔

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I have drilled and tapped M3 holes into brass weights which I knew were a tight fit in a ballast tube so that I could screw in a threaded 3mm dia wire to be sure to be able to extract the weight.

If it was me, I would not just screw a large wood screw into a stuck lead weight as that is likely to expand the lump 'cos it is soft and exacerbate the problem.  I would pilot drill it first.  May need a long drill bit.

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