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ALL BMFA / GBSRA F3F League Events are OFF

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Hi All

The Coronavirus  situation has reached the stage where we can no longer ignore the implications to F3F.
Given all the Government advice regarding travel, personal contact, visits to pubs clubs and restaurants
the GBSRA Committee has agreed that we should postpone ALL Summer league events until further notice.

The first casualty is the Champion of Champions event on the 28 / 29 March which is now cancelled.

It looks very much like will need to monitor the situation with regards to all other national F3F events
but given the current rhetoric, things aren't going to get better soon.

So for the moment consider all GBSRA / BMFA summer events to be postponed until further notice



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BMFA have just sent an email saying that these events are fine and encouraged. Are we not being a bit heavy-handed here? Not trying to ruffle feathers but looking at it rationally as per BMFA guidelines this is a very low risk environment.

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C.C. All BMFA Members

Model flying and the COVID-19 Virus  - News Release 17-3-2020

We have been monitoring the current situation carefully and have been awaiting clear guidance from the Government before making decisions relating to general model flying and BMFA Model flying events, contests and roadshows.

It is clear that the COVID-19 situation is developing rapidly in the UK and members should keep themselves updated on current government and NHS advice.  Please see  https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response  for the latest information.

Members are advised to follow the precautions provided by the NHS at all times details of which you can find here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/


Model Flying in the club environment

In general terms model flying represents a low risk activity due to the predominantly outdoor nature of the activity and the opportunity to maintain inter-personal separation.

At this time, and subject to any updated government advice/instruction, for those who are not unwell there is little reason to curtail outdoor model flying activities in the club environment. The well-being benefits provided by model flying should be balanced by the potential risk and NHS precautions should be followed.

While there is little reason to curtail normal outdoor flying activities, clubs should consider what action to take regarding indoor club meetings and any proposed or scheduled larger events they have planned which, under present guidance, may have to be cancelled or postponed.


BMFA Organised events, contests and roadshows

The BMFA is currently reviewing the status of scheduled events.  Several events/contests are already subject to cancellation including the Swapmeet at BMFA Buckminster, the ASRC Roadshows and the Free Flight Nationals.  Planning for the Power Nationals in August is continuing on the assumption that it will be going ahead, but this will be kept under review.

Members should keep checking the Contest and Event calendar on the BMFA website for status updates on specific contests and events.  Should contest/event organisers wish to amend/update their entries on the BMFA Calendar, please contact the office or complete the online request form here: https://e-forms.bmfa.org/event-amend.


BMFA Office

The BMFA Office functions will remain in operation, though the office may not be physically staffed to the usual level and we regret that for the time being we are no longer able to welcome visits from BMFA Members. We have measures in place to ensure that support for members and clubs continues. Please use admin@bmfa.org as the primary means of contact.

Important note:- Please stay at home and do not attend flying sessions, events, contests or meetings if:

you have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient

you are unwell, with a high temperature and/or a new continuous cough

you have serious underlying health issues 

Kind Regards
All at the BMFA

Tel: 0116 2440028
email:  admin@bmfa.org 

The Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers Limited T/A The British Model Flying Association

A company limited by guarantee.  Registered in England Number 457067
Registered office Chacksfield House, 31 St Andrew's Road, Leicester, LE2 8RE

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Just for clarification, the postponements do not apply to Winter League or other Club run  events.
They apply only to Nationally organised events through the GBSRA.

The BMFA guidelines above clearly differentiate between the two.




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13 hours ago, Jon_E said:

Just for clarification, the postponements do not apply to Winter League or other Club run  events.
They apply only to Nationally organised events through the GBSRA.

The BMFA guidelines above clearly differentiate between the two.




Champ of Champs is part of the winter league isnt it?  Being on top of a welsh hill is probably the safest place to be in this current climate.

 We just have to exercise caution and setup camp differently surely?

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Prior to the mail this morning I was thinking we should run it as a one day event, choosing which ever day looked most promising.

It would have alleviated the accommodation and  eating/drinking out issues.

But still a risk, with people handling each others bits and picnicking on the hill. 


So overall, although no one likes losing another comp, its the right call.

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It's not the actual flying on the hills that's the issue, it's the staying in hotels, socialising pubs and restaurants. 

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P.s. I've heard on the grape vine we will be in full lock down by the end of the week anyhow

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London locked down, yes - maybe other cities too, the countryside much less. I isolate in my car (Leaf, full electric. One bonus I never thought of - I mostly charge at home so no touching fuel pumps) - then go and fly with at least 3m (10ft) separation from other pilots. If road travel is outright banned then we're snookered.

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pete beadle

Hi Tonym

Well, that's one suggestion, but I for one am not going to rush out and by myself a Leaf in order to try it

No, most flyers recognise that model flying, especially slope soaring, IS a relatively low-risk sport/pastime,...... it's when you talk to people about the flight, and particularly when your mates you are talking to, get literally too close for comfort, that you realise that what we are told we have to do is impossible, and, at the best, is reducing the risk but NOT removing it

Good old "Keep calm and carry on" comes to mind:yes:




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