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  • Repairing a slightly damaged open structure wing tip


    Just a few pics and words to show one way of repairing a slightly damaged open structure wingtip.

    Model is a 2.5m Organic.

    The joint between the tip block and the leading edge had weakened in a heavy arrival in turbulent air.


    Seemed like a good idea to drill through from the tip into the leading edge with a 1.5mm drill, then push a 2mm carbon rod into the wing, past the first rib bay, halfway into the second rib bay.


    Once the 55mm length of the carbon rod had been inserted, a drop of cyano sealed the tip end.

    With a 1mm drill bit, a hole was then made from the lower wing surface, into the leading edge / tip block joint. The drill bit contacted the carbon rod. Cyano was then pressured into the joint via the hole. The only holes in the covering are 1mm and 2mm diameter, in areas where the covering is in contact with the wood.

    A covering iron was then used shrink the film, leaving the panel almost invisibly repaired, without having to remove the original covering.


    Jeff Ott

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