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  2. Adrian18sz

    Need help please.

    Hi Lads. I would like to buy one of these stands. See attached. Can you give me let me know the name of a shop that supplies same. Adrian.
  3. Yesterday
  4. satinet

    Alternative to sellotape diamond.

    Packs of 8 have the code of 57947.
  5. rc-soar

    Frsky Taranis Dual Rates

    Just add extra input lines, one for each additional rate. Example: triple rates for aileron, on SB. No other changes should be necessary.
  6. Graham Lorimer

    Frsky Taranis Dual Rates

    Setting up a new Glider, Frsky X9D Taranis and GX8R receiver, everything working as it should (4 servo wing) but I would like to program in dual rates, with the second set of rates all being with more movement. Is there a quick and easy way to do this without having to go through all the Faff of resetting all throws, offsets and center points, which until now I have always had to do. Maybe I am missing something, but it seems it would be great if an additional 20 or 30% could be added to the existing rates, and switched on or off with a switch. Graham
  7. Paulupton

    Alternative to sellotape diamond.

    Online Stationers, got x11 for £18.93, mainly as the postage is quite steep at £4.99. The cost per roll comes down a bit over 10 units.
  8. satinet

    Alternative to sellotape diamond.

    No worries. Where did you get 10 from Paul? Decent price?
  9. One basic thing to check is that the elevator servo is neutral (horn 90° to the servo, no subtrim) with the tailplane neutral. I have one used glider that couldn't flare for landing properly because there wasn't enough up travel. It had been put together in a hurry to be ready for a competition. The fix was to pop the glued elevator servo and move it aft slightly without disturbing the linkage. Also check that there is full range of movement (AMT drive pin able to hit both ends of the fin slots before the end points of the servo are reached), there have been cases of the tail bellcrank
  10. Paulupton

    Alternative to sellotape diamond.

    Thanks for this thread, I've been struggling in cold conditions recently using standard insulation tape. First outing this morning with some Tesa crystal clear and I'm impressed - glad I bought x10.....
  11. likesabeer

    Altis plugs

    Hi Guys, Yes, I have been doing exactly this in all my F5J models for a few years now, and I reckon it has saved every one of them from an Altis (power) connection failure. You may have been aware that Aerobtech issued a recall on all of their Altis units made between such-and-such date and some-other date, citing that there was an issue with sub-standard plugs. Around that time many of us were getting a lot of problems with jittering motors, failures to start and erratic height logging. This has made me much more concious of all pluged in connections, and I make an effort to reduce these
  12. Thanks for your help. I have adjusted the fade in/ fade out.
  13. Got your PM Andy. The fade times are set in the flight modes menu, the ones to look at are Landing and Power modes. Just to recap the adjustments affecting compensation: Calibration (CAL mode) - sets the elevator limits Throttle trim - compensation adjuster. Range of adjustment is 0 - GVar3('Cmp') Curve2 ('CrC') - compensation curve For my F3F setups, I mix in a fair bit of up aileron. The curve typically starts steep, flattens out, then steepens again for the last bit of crow.
  14. We all do something different ! I use a lot of up aileron, maybe only leaving 10% extra for aileron at maximum crow setting.... but .... I am changing the crow setting a lot whilst landing and probably never very long at maximum crow :-)
  15. Last week
  16. If it helps most pilots I know now are using no up aileron at all during braking preferring to have maximum aileron movement / control on the landing approach. The Shellim Esoaring programme is really great but have a look in the flight modes screen. It will programme a delay in the rate of flap deployment which can screw things up a bit. I have reduced mine to zero which suits me better.
  17. If its any help - I use very little up aileron for crow - maybe 10-15 degrees. Phil.
  18. I've had an X2. Lost it due to Frsky bit that's another story. I don't remember it being difficult to setup to land. Sometimes you can suffer from the servos taking their time to get to full travel. If you think the elevator only has to go a few mm and the flaps can take a lot longer and the ailerons somewhere between. That being said most models need a curve on the elevator where it ramps up more quickly than linear and flattens off as you get to full flap travel.
  19. Hi, I have an Xplorer2 which I fly with a Taranis and the ESoar template. I am happy with the way it flies apart from taking Crow. I have found it to be very pitchy, nose up. I have altered the curve for the Elevator compensation to give me more nose down as soon as crow is selected ( full down!). This helps with the inital pitch but due to the large amount s of elevator comp when I stow them for landing am now encountering a pitch ( up, I think) at low altitude. I have tried increased aileron. I have flown f3f models in the past and they have been easily trimmed to be benign regarding t
  20. Adrian18sz

    Hi Lads.

    You are looking good there Marc. The Bug has bitten. Adrian.
  21. GuyB

    Wanted F5J model - SORTED

    Thanks for all the offers. I am now sorted.
  22. Martin Church

    Anyone got a new model ?

    Have to agree that Grunher CNC are indeed fabulous at what they do. I’ve assembled a laser cut kit if the Slite V2 an f3res design & everything fits together like a glove very happy with what I managed to put together over the Xmas holiday of it. Expensive & over engineered? yes Worth every penny? Definitely
  23. chiloschista

    Slope and DS videos

    Ah ah, yes indeed. At a moment there were 12 in flight. Fortunately they went away very quickly. But respect, they earn the flight walking up.
  24. oipigface

    Slope and DS videos

    Well. of course! I was fascinated by the paraglider pilot trudging up towards the slope.
  25. chiloschista

    Slope and DS videos

    You watched till the end?! Beer earned
  26. oipigface

    Slope and DS videos

    Another great landing, Ric!
  27. thermaldoctor

    Dear Diary

    Gotta love a border
  28. chiloschista

    Slope and DS videos

    I guess I forgot to share the first flight of my last little project. There are three more versions coming.
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