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  2. Awesome day, thanks to all who had a hand in putting this on, Vincent for making it look easy and Shady for being the coolest dude. Most where off flying towards the end of the day so I didn't get to say goodbye to many but see you all next weekend (he says!)
  3. There are thirty in the audience at the second indoor session of the day.....
  4. I would love to say no time to build, instead ill be honest, i am useless at building and everything i touch goes wrong. I have a mini-graphite with electric nose and would like to know if anybody knows somebody who is reliable and does a quality job and who would build this for a fee. Commutable from either Bristol or Bournemouth would be fantastic. Much prefer to go with personal recommendations than google. Its already spent many a year sat gathering dust due to my incompetence and really wants to fly Regards Chris
  5. John Minchell

    Airfield near to Wolverhampton

    Look up clubs on the BMFA club finder page, the Greenacres club is near there and ask them about DLG's
  6. Please bring correct change to pay if you can!
  7. Thanks sky high, sorry you can't make it. Everybody else, don't forget the sunglasses, hats, water bottles and sunscreen!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Regrettably I’m not going to be able to attend as planned and hopefully there be some other events on the calendar of a similar nature during the year. Looking at the subjects for discussion it does provide an extensive programme and would be perfect for a novice such as myself. The weather looks to be just about perfect so wishing you all a very good weekend.
  10. Awesome!, I was gonna ask if you still had it so I could have a look at the repair. Yeah a walk through would be super helpful, thank you!
  11. When I repaired my NXT I did the same, lots of reading on forums and videos etc. so this time is a bit easier. I'll hopefully not be doing any epoxy work tomorrow but can walk you through what I have done. I'll bring my NXT along too and you can see the extent of those repairs (it has a stripped aileron servo though, so not airworthy).
  12. To be honest I wouldn’t mind seeing some repairs done tomorrow, I have zero experience dealing with these materials and have just repaired a cracked aileron, but I’ve only been going off of pictures and forum posts so I have no idea if I’ve been doing it right (although it seems to have worked). Seeing someone actually do a bit of a repair would be good. Although naturally I hope you get it fixed and flying in time.
  13. Monz Get it fixed and see you tomorrow.
  14. Wind dropped of nicely at 7 ish so I got the tomboy out for some old school fun.
  15. Nigel Castle

    Bungee Rubber - SORTED

    Oh well, a moment of madness, I have just ordered a complete Bungee from EMC Vega, have ordered the All Round 150 Plus, that is 30M of rubber and all the other parts needed to make up the finished system. (£153 delivered) WOW! So when I come back from the Norwegian Fjords in a couple of weeks time I want wall to wall sunshine and wind speeds under 15 knots or someone is in trouble. Still every launch will get cheaper, first Launch £153, second Launch £76 and so on...... Get to 150th Launch and the next one is under a quid!
  16. Hope your Dad's okay, models can be repaired. Seems I've been lucky and its just the skin that's delaminated top and bottom with the spar and skin around it okay. About to mix epoxy and begin injecting it in. I reckon if I get it done by midnight it'll have 8 hours to cure (says 4 - 6 with the fast hardener) and if it comes out okay I'll finish the rest of the repairs there. The wing saddle looks like just cyano will fix that, same withthe fin and rudder. I've been amped for this weekend for ages
  17. Gary B

    Bungee Rubber - SORTED

    It is worth considering importing a Dynaflite Hi-Start, even after shipping and taxes it could be cheaper than an EMC Vega set up. I believe there is a shorter version called the 'Up start'. Both look to use the magic surgical tubing. Sussex Model Centre have stocked these in the past and they sometimes appear used on eBay. My EMC Vega 'All round' can only be stretched to about 60 paces then it gets difficult to grip the model, quite powerful. 'RES' is between 'HLG' and 'All round' and would give more sedate launches, that rubber option wasn't available when I bought mine.
  18. I have a spare model and a tx up for grabs I could bring along, if anyone is interested, aiming to be there first thing in the morning.
  19. Gianmaria

    UK F3K Eurotour & World Cup 2019

    Would have been good to see you too sorry I can't wait to come there next year ...
  20. ouch! really sorry to see that Monz, I've had a few near misses like that on the launch with wet grass or sheep poo. If it's any consolation, spent a few hours with dad in the park re-trimming his RES this evening, got it flying nicely and then walking back to the car he had a fall and hurt himself and the model Maybe a repair clinic tomorrow!
  21. It is and I am. Evaluating the repairs now. I have some fast cure laminating epoxy... So, maybe.
  22. Daaaamn! That’s a CX5 too right? Are you the same person under the same name on Youtube throwing the Green NXT?
  23. Had a quick fly this evening, tripped and fell on launch. FML Enjoy the weekend all.
  24. thechalster

    BMFA F3K Event #1 - 27th April 2019 - Twywell

    Count me in
  25. I am here set up and ready. Met a friend on the drive (see below photos). Beautiful weather.
  26. Brilliant, thanks! Its such a simple task but coming from Snipes with the ballast out the way I haven’t had to deal with the lines before or getting a lollipop stick style in there. Looks great there Mike! Shame I’ll be without a plane, but armed with some daft questions.
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