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  2. As long as we don't mention the "C" word - looks like we get good weather
  3. Neil Harrison

    Come and try DLG Easter Weekend Sat Sun 20-21 APR

    Weather is looking great for this weekend, fingers crossed for a good turnout. If you own a DLG or thinking about buying one, this event is not to be missed. n
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  5. tonym

    UK F3K Eurotour & World Cup 2019

    Not to worry Gianmaria, without the Dutch and Belgian pilots we struggle to get good numbers. Hopefully next time we can get a reasonable number of pilots together for the competition.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Marin Mitev

    UK F3K Eurotour & World Cup 2019

    I will be there most likely but I will enter at the last moment.
  8. I’ve been back and forth on plans for this over the last few weeks but it looks like I’ll be able to make it. Sister in law is staying with the kids so my wife and I can come up on our own. She’s going to spend some quiet time writing while I’m busy with our toy planes... We’re going to stay over Friday and Saturday night. I’m planning on attending as many competitions as I can this year so all the info I can get to help come last less often will be appreciated.
  9. PeteMitchell

    BMFA F5J League Tables 2019

    This post will be updated as and when new results are received.
  10. alstorm1538

    BARCS-ELG 28thApril 2019

    Open for myself and Derek Collings please Pete Alan
  11. This F3K league event is to be held at Twywell - not far from Kettering. This is a farm field and is normally grazed by sheep. The start time will be 10:00 - please aim to arrive by 09:30 at the latest. Entries close at 18:00 on Friday 26th April. Please bring your BMFA Membership card to show for proof of insurance. An entry fee of £10 per head will be charged for this event - please be ready to pay on the day - juniors free. All are welcome, but BMFA insurance is a necessity. New contest pilots especially welcome, no experience necessary - well, you need to be able to launch and land back near yourself! I'll update the table below as the entries come in - PM me to enter. The lanes around the field are narrow and used by horse riders - please take care. Pilot entry list..... 1. Neil H Yellow circle shows entrance to field Yellow cross show parking location
  12. John Minchell

    Come and try DLG Easter Weekend Sat Sun 20-21 APR

    Kind offer, but I'm on the north Wales border. Its a 3+1/2 hour drive, as I do it regularly to Buckminster for Scale Tech committee meetings. Got plenty of modelling to do here and will get on with that. Thanks again John M
  13. Hey john where would you be travelling from? May be we could still get you there.
  14. Entry for League 1 at the Long Mynd on Sunday 28th April is now open. Please enter using the form at http://www.gbsra.co.uk/competition-entries Weather call will be made on the evening of Friday the 26th.
  15. Gary B

    Bungee Rubber

    I haven't seen a true surgical rubber bungee for sale in many years. I have two, probably from the 1980s. One is Airtronics branded. They are both beginning to perish, they can't be natural rubber or they would have turned to dust years ago.
  16. cirrusRC

    3rd F3K 14-day Duration Challenge 2019

    After freezing my butt off last weekend, was nice to feel the warmth of the sun today. Got out for a nice 30 mins at lunchtime with the local buzzards/kites. 29:52
  17. Nigel Castle

    Bungee Rubber

    Thanks Guys for the information on the Vega site, I have been looking at the options available (They are quite expensive) but you only get what you pay for. I think an 'All Round' System would be right for me although Experience Pro and 100 AVA are a bit like chalk and cheese so maybe F3B kit might be better, with less pull back for the AVA? Somebody might still come on and offer to sell me something.
  18. Gary B

    Bungee Rubber

    Plus one for EMC Vega though the initial outlay is expensive. I have an 'All round' set (22 metres of rubber I think) that launches F3J gliders easily and an 'HLG' set which I use for 100" wooden gliders. I bought them at least 10 years ago. This page is only available on the German version of the site, read model weight on the right then follow the line left into the green zone for optimum use. 'Dehnung' means stretch in percentage of the unstretched length, read along the bottom of the graph to the right There is mention in the notes of doubling or tripling the rubber this is only for large scale models being catapulted off a slope. Gary
  19. MikeDLG

    UK F3K Eurotour & World Cup 2019

    Very disappointing entry so far. Where is everyone???? Gianmaria, I am sorry you are not coming. Would have been good to see you again.
  20. simon_t

    Bungee Rubber

    Another vote for EMC Vega - Proper black UV proof surgical bungees, in various strengths. Simon
  21. John Minchell

    Come and try DLG Easter Weekend Sat Sun 20-21 APR

    Sorry that I won't be able to attend this now as my car water pump has packed up and they can't fit it in till next Tuesday. Hope you all have a good event and learn lots.
  22. Gianmaria

    UK F3K Eurotour & World Cup 2019

    Im really sad but I've to renounce because of few pilot and I can't wait anymore to buy a fly journey hope to see you next year Gianmaria
  23. Gary B

    Multiplex Arriba

    Couldn't do much today as we had visitors. Very pleasant in the garden, light wind and milky sunshine. I ran the motor up on a home made test stand (ply with holes in it!), it didn't sound too happy, possibly bearings and while removing the prop the shaft started to pull through (there are grub screws at the rear end). Any identification has rubbed off of it and the rotating part was munching through the wires. Weighs 195 g out of interest. Motor screws are M3 and appear to be 19 mm between centres. The propeller has also seen better days, the spinner is slightly oversize at 42 mm, needs to be 40 mm. Last little engineering triumph for the day was to modify my Centi-Phase/Hi-Phase fuselage jig to hold the Arriba fuselage firmly. I added two wooden side plates and drilled a hole in each to take an 8 mm steel rod (the wing joiner from my Multi-Phase, RIP). The steel rod passes through the holes for the anti-crush dowel (wings try to swing forward on landing and crush the fuselage), a Velcro strap secures the tail, nice and solid now leaving both hands free for surgery.
  24. Tony

    Head Cams

    Thanks Phil will do
  25. george foster

    Come and try DLG Easter Weekend Sat Sun 20-21 APR

    Hi guys. I'm planning to attend for a few hours on Saturday. Hoping to pick some brains and get some advice. I'm bringing the Longshot 4. George
  26. It needs repair too, the centre tab got cracked off and the corners of the ailerons too since they were taped to the tab. I've tried to drip a bit of super thin CA into the one but I got myself into a right mess and it looks worse now than it did before. Me and CA just don't get along. I'm now just waiting for some finishing epoxy to come which I only ordered this morning, I'll put some clear tape down first before I inject some more thin CA then I'm gonna put a small patch on each aileron to tidy it up. I might be ready for the first round, or man might actually land on the Moon....
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