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  2. PeteMitchell


    Results and winners pics, from the first day electric launch comp. 1st place Ingo Osbourne 2nd place Colin Boorman 3rd place Graham Wicks
  3. Rounds 3 & 4 complete - we have a league event! We will keep going, but no new round will be started after 1530. A round in progress at 1530 will be completed unless we reach 1700 due to delays at which point that last round will be abandoned.
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  5. Darren_O

    Loose Frsky X4R receiver antena help

    I've got about ten of these and the first thing I do is hot glue the aerials. Never had one fail since.
  6. Scores after two rounds. We haven't lost much time to rain, six slots done by 1145. Mind, it's pretty breezy, 6-7 m/s gusting 9+.
  7. Darren_O

    Hot glue gun advice

    Can confirm these are a great buy
  8. tonym

    BARCS-ELG 9thJune 2019

    Me in 2m please Pete. BARCS 3555
  9. Slap

    Hi from Jonzjob.

    Bonjour de Londre Johnzjob ! Bon chance
  10. Slap

    Loose Frsky X4R receiver antena help

    Thank you gentlemen. Will have to invest in a hot glue gun for sure. Cheers!
  11. Mark Evans

    Loose Frsky X4R receiver antena help

    Hot glue here too. And most of my rx's have just been wrapped in tape before and zero issues.
  12. Here already at 08.30
  13. Tooks

    Loose Frsky X4R receiver antena help

    I’ve never owned an X4R, but on similar receivers I’ve used a dab of hot glue to stop the antennae popping off. Hardware/electronics failure is one of those things that could always happen in this hobby,,but generally speaking most kit is quite reliable for what it costs and what we ask it to do. I’ve lost far more models due to my inept piloting or lapses in concentration than any receiver has cost me! Or at least I think so!
  14. One of my receiver antennas pop out. I re-clipped it back on and noticed there is some type of blue glue that used to keep it secure. Should I/what type of glue should I use to secure the antenna? I am also a little weary of this receiver as it seems rather flimsy with it's carboard case. Worth investing in something sturdier/perhaps 6 channel receiver? I would be gutted to lose a plane due to RC failure/want to eliminate any weak links as I progress into more expensive/larger gliders. Thanks in advance chaps. Pic from net:
  15. Hi Chris well I’m on the boat so will arrive some time today got all the lady’s with me so it looks more me as a taxi, but hope to meet up at some point jP
  16. Yesterday
  17. pete beadle

    EMP Algebra 2.5m

    Hi mhodgson Thank you for your prompt reply My suggestion would be to go with the KISS principle and fit ailerons with one servo per wing, and use the straight dihedral wing panels, as they'd be the simplest to convert to ailerons......then use the ailerons as spoilerons as you suggest Fitting the ballast tubes would be a good idea too, the strength they impart is out of all proportion to their weight, and you could place them at 35 - 40% of the root chord so they don't move the CG position when used. it's also quite easy to file the outer ends of the tubes in a serrated pattern and use the tubes as a cutter...... I wouldn't glass the wings either, two or three coats of hard (outdoor) varnish would be plenty to harden up the wing skins Then you'd have a strong, light plane that would roll axially and which should cope with most aerobatics and wind speeds Good luck with the build Regards Pete BARCS1702
  18. EssexBOF

    Electric RES plans

    I did make a 3.1 metre version of the Watts Up, by increasing the span of the outer tip panels flew quite well. Can supply the wing rib profiles for the larger tip panels.
  19. mhodgson

    EMP Algebra 2.5m

    Thanks for the reply. I think it is mk1. The wing panels are in one piece but the plan shows three different options for dihedral. Straight, poly (equal split panels) or tip (with flat inners). It also shows aileron option. Balast tubes are in kit. Thought of using flaps mainly because I am terrible at fitting airbrakes cleanly and getting them to work properly, flaps are just easier to do. May go with just ailerons and use them as spoilerons- that worked well on another soarer I had.
  20. Hi MikeDLG Many thanks for your prompt reply I'm surprised, I've been Comp Sec of the ISA and on several of our committees, but have never seen this trophy before or even known of its existence! Do you have any details of its history please? By all means PM me so your PM doesn't interfere with this string, but I'd really appreciate anything you can tell me about it Thanks and regards Pete BARCS1702
  21. pete beadle

    Hi from Jonzjob.

    Hi Johnzjob Welcome to the BARCS forum We'll help all we can when you start to post questions so, fire away! Regards Pete BARCS1702
  22. pete beadle

    EMP Algebra 2.5m

    Hi mhodgson Is the kit for a mark one or a mark two? The mark one had a dihedral point at roughly half the span of each wing, the mark two had lots of tip dihedral Dick Edmonds (EMP) never produced an Algebra with a four servo wing (flaps and ailerons) , the Algebra was always noted for its simplicity Congratulations for getting this kit for £25.00 though - I'm envious......... Over the years I've had about a dozen Algebras with foam wings and glass fuselages but I haven't fitted flaps to any of them - I've only glassed one set of wings and noticed absolutely no improvement whatsoever, in fact, because the glassed wings were a lot heavier I'd say the soaring performance wasn't as good as any of the others By all means fit ailerons, with a servo in each wing, but I'm intrigued as to why you'd want to fit flaps........airbrakes, either Graupner or Multiplex type, by all means, but flaps? I'm assuming you're not going to use the Algebra in competition why do you think you would you need flaps? I'm genuinely puzzled...... Also, you haven't mentioned ballast tubes yet......Dick used to fit 1/2" OD Dural tubes as ballast tubes which really stiffened and strengthened the wings.....my Algebra 2M has them, and they are really effective, but my 2.5 mark two doesn't, IMO it doesn't need them....... Good luck with the build .....pics of my 2.5 mark two Algebra (left) and my 3M - both R/E as you can see.........simples! Regards Pete BARCS1702
  23. Hi all Am I hallucinating in thinking I'm seeing the words "Ivinghoe Soaring Association" on this trophy???? Can anyone confirm or deny please? Regards Pete BARCS1702
  24. Neil Harrison

    Learning the hard way

    awesome job Vin
  25. Are you sure that's cobwebs
  26. mhodgson

    EMP Algebra 2.5m

    Decided to visit the Free Flights Nationals and it has been quite enlightening particularly watching the glider flyers and their ciecke towing. Not much in terms of buying and selling but I did manage to get, of all things) a complete kit for an Algebra 2.5m, glass fus, for a staggering £25!!! At moment plan will be to build it as an aileron/flap calm weather slope model and to keep generally to the plan/kit (other than glassing the wings), unless anyone has any other suggestions.
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