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  2. Packed ready for you dude....
  3. John Wighton


    Colin, can you pass on some more details of the 3D printed parts? I have been experimenting with 3D parts for RC and for my Europa full-size. Using PETG and or ABS gives a useful increase in strength (over PLA) or slightly lower weight (if you thin the wall size). Can you share your servo mount models for the Banggood servos? cheers
  4. Neil. Don't forget my ballast set!
  5. Today
  6. isoaritfirst

    Idea for a "F3F Community" Project

    In a chat recently with JP, who has don a bit of this sort of thing, he mentioned that you need a dedicated clean space. So you end up with probably 3 areas. Work space, layup, and paint. Maybe If it moves forward as a group project, finding a lockup somewhere may help. You could also have a chat with jean-Luc who may be able to offer some help.
  7. Already tried my NRJ with 100g ballast. Feels heavy but still flies nicely.
  8. Interesting, was the Jewel a commercially available thing, or a one off? I've only got one picture of it, but would be interesting to find out a bit more, it made quite an impact on my youthful self. I'd love to, but I couldn't make an offer that would be anything like the value as things are at the moment, and I wouldn't want to insult you by doing so.
  9. Yesterday
  10. With my Spongebob sized arms, I'd have trouble lifting a 75g ballast stick.
  11. Neil Harrison

    CX4 DLG

    Not received PM?
  12. CX4 + 75g ballast weather, can’t wait
  13. Ballast up and launch high....I can’t do either haha. But seriously, launching into any sort of wind over about 6-7mph makes me break out in a sweat.
  14. Bbdave

    Electric RES plans

    Thanks guys I have a plan on order, I have seen the introduction f5j on hyperflight but thought it would be a cheaper build from a plan and spend my hard earned on hardware servos etc. Dave
  15. Gusting to 25+......ballast up, launch high and hang. Not the greatest showcase, which is a shame.
  16. Yup, looking like constant wind on the limits.
  17. I’ve flown in worse than this....
  18. I just saw the wind forecast for Sunday, OUCH! If that doesn’t change I don’t think I’ll be making the drive.
  19. It will be windy and will be raining in the afternoon.
  20. Hi Simon I don't know about the "Jewel" but I do know about my Chris Foss "Hi-Phase" (NOT the "Multiphase" - much too angular) I still have my Hi Phase, it's now on its second fuselage, and, if I want to groove about the sky, majestically slowly, that's the plane I pick to bring back the smile on my face There are some planes that just look "right" in the air, and I just can't fault the Hi-Phase...... I had a Calypso Contest, a Dogan and a couple of other mouldies that I just couldn't make behave.......so, until I found the "Europhia" " I soldiered on mainly with 3 and 4 metre Algebras.......the only thing I could find wrong with the Europhia was it's price so, when Tony Vale wanted to sell all of his Europhias. including spares, I was there, that same afternoon, cash in hand, and bought THE LOT! a purchase, or purchases, I've never regretted........and yes, I've still got two of those beauties......see my pic with my forum details Regards Pete BARCS1702
  21. Dave jewel was amazing saw that first at tonbridge open we had never seen anything like it before! . Talking of sitar i a have 100" one I would part with for the right offer it's old but not in to bad conditions for a very old glider.
  22. The ‘Jewel’ - Dave flew it to great success in a lot of thermal contests as well. I only ever saw his one - it always flew well, had an amazing ability to ‘hang’ even in no lift, and being strong and fast always got a lot of height off the towline. Eventually Mueller’s Ellipse series arrived which moved things forward, but it wasn’t really until the E2V that the performance of the Jewel was bettered. Simon
  23. Kyri

    Learning the hard way

    Excellent work!!
  24. Paul Gleeson

    Learning the hard way

    Airframe all repaired. The boom has a slight twist in it. Should have checked more accurately. Its had a hard life, but better to crash with a "cheaper" DLG while you are learning... Need to find some cheap alternatives to a KSTX08. Not spending another £70 to get this flying again. Need to be a similar size. Height especially. Any ideas?
  25. Mike Connell

    BARCS-ELG 9thJune 2019

    Please accept my entry Open, 2.4 Mike
  26. Brett82

    Idea for a "F3F Community" Project

    Ok, just realised he is coming to Wales, not HOH. We may need to wait for Asturios as I dont see anyone from Germany coming to HOH. When Peter comes back to me we can see what he says.
  27. oipigface

    Idea for a "F3F Community" Project

    I think he flies.
  28. Brett82

    Idea for a "F3F Community" Project

    No problem buddy. Hopefully we can get someone from Germany to bring them over. Then we can send them back with you when you head to Asturias. I think Daniel is coming to HOH, anyone know if he drives or flies?
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