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  2. Also windows seems to have issues with SD card (I cannot access it/keeps cutting out if I go through the trims/on button/USB connection to PC, but seems to work If I plug in transmitter directly to USB whilst unit is on... I also have these 2 system files in SD folder which I am not sure about (they where there before I copied over latest SD card files/I could not delete them. I am confused.com
  3. I now have sound on TX, but still getting error SD message. Pics of status so far
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  5. Morning all I broke my transmitter aerial and looking for a replacement. Any suggestions please? One of those modular type ones perhaps? I'm using a FrskyTaranis X9D Plus transmiter, Frsky DX4R receiver, 2x 4.8g DMG Servos, Rx Battery 4.8V NiMH 300mAh. Thanks
  6. Thank you both gentlemen. Will give it a go later on.
  7. Yesterday
  8. John Minchell

    Radio help

    Have a chat with Mike Ridley at Model Radio Workshop, he is the go-to man for servicing all makes and will let you know how much £ before he starts a job. https://modelradioworkshop.co.uk/contact-details John M
  9. Yeah the stock card seem to fail pretty easy, usually after the first or 2nd time switching on. I use SD card formatter program and it brings them right back life. Never had one fail after being formatted.

    SUPRA f5j Fuselage WANTED

    Still looking just incase.... thanks.
  11. Munch197

    Electric glider powertrain

    For sale - All brand new and never mounted or even plugged in, Turnigy sk3 gliderdrive 3858 840kv motor. Yep 60amp ESC and programming card to suit. Vladimir's models 38mm spinner to suit the shaft of the above motor. 14x7 GM carbon folding prop. This should give a 550w set-up on 3s which is plenty for a f3f sized moulded glider or a hot setup for something 2m class. The option to run it on 4s with a prop change can create 850w of grunt, should it be required Only selling due to having a complete electric glider on the way so surplus to requirements. £130 posted for all of the above. Matt 07854138383
  12. So cool calm and collected. Nice professional work.
  13. https://downloads.open-tx.org/2.2/release/sdcard/
  14. You have XJT module firmware (EU and non EU) You have opentx firmware...bin file You have bootloader firmware (same as above but shorter filename) When you download opentx firmware you also need to download the SD card files which you use to replace the ones on Taranis SD card. I've just been through all this with a new TX. My SD card failed the first time I tried to write to it. They are junk and would never trust stock SD cards
  15. Good question oipigface . Seems to be some reception stability fixes with latest firmware. I would like to know as well. I flashed to the latest firmware for transmitter but I have an error message about the SD when switching on trany ("Expected version 2.2V0018"). I am showing version: 2.2.3 firmware. Any suggestions on an antenna replacement? Modular perhaps? Pros and cons? Using a FrskyTaranis X9D Plus transmiter, Frsky DX4R receiver, 2x 4.8g DMG Servos, Rx Battery 4.8V NiMH 300mAh. Thanks for the help and support.
  16. How is this done, Mike?
  17. Thank you all for help chaps! Problem now fixed thank you. I now have some issues with SD card on my trany after spending most of the day trying to get my head around the software/setup etc/flashing BIOS...I also broke my antenna (Transmitter fell off my desk) and my new replacement servo is playing up...I feel like jumping off London bridge whilst flapping my arms like a pigeon …
  18. Slap

    Soarer purchase advice

    Thanks for info SP! Looks like you have a real lift scratcher there m8. 2.6 is a great size for a bit of everything as well I think. Thanks Pete
  19. Entered. Will be arriving on the Saturday to catch some of the other action and hopefully get to have a quick fly later in the evening if one else is staying over.
  20. Baldyslapnut

    Max Amps from a Battery

    Thank you for the advice. I have some new packs to try. So it will be interesting to see if the 70c 1,800 pack we are using currently is better than the smaller 100c 1,350 pack I will be testing. Regards Greg
  21. wookman

    Max Amps from a Battery

    Absolutely Mike, lots of the C rate claims are quite optimistic and there is definitely a trade off in longevity of the cells if you operate up towards the limit.
  22. Bbdave

    Radio help

    Yes it runs off my flight packs which were fully charged when I checked it all out I will be double checking before taking it in though but the problem first occured at the start of a flying day starting with the spoilers not working and half deploying then gradually everything else failed I then swapped flight pack and the esc wouldnt set up and I just got servo jittering. Dave
  23. Munch197

    Willow f3f 2.75m

    For sale is my Willow F3F 2.75m. This is a lovely looking model with a great presence in the air. Flies fantastically. Kst servos on all surfaces with a very neat install. Full ballast set to go with the model. It's in absolutely magnificent condition with only a few bits around the back of the sheath nose to note. Rx not included. Located in Nottingham. £550 Matt - 07854138383
  24. mikef

    Max Amps from a Battery

    I would be inclined to take any battery label claims with a pinch of salt. I think you need to test examples to see what they give in practice, remembering that the more you abuse the pack, the more often you'll be buying a new one. Don't forget that the voltage will drop when you pull a high current, this may cause other problems.
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