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  2. Phil.Taylor

    Voltij "slim"

    The appeal for fin parts came up good - many thanks Mike ! So - a bit of action with a hacksaw to remove the messy bodged end of the fus - and a trim down & tidy up of the tailboom part - then the tail part fits over the front part - simples! Quick mock-up "garden fly" - looks promising - tailboom is a bit long because of the join overlap - but should make it track nicely Phil.
  3. barry h

    Arcacia 3

    Its really easy to fly in either light or heavy winds. Non of the horror stories I have heard. This ones deffo a keeper. ( well for now anyway }
  4. Hi I am interested in your Luna , Perhaps you could call or txt me on 07826 523712 Cheers Barry Ps I could meet you along your route next weekend. Say Peterborough/
  5. StuPos

    Electric glider powertrain

    Hi, I am interested in your kit. If we could arrange a meeting I can give you £100 cash. I live at Melton Mowbray so not too far. Let me know by email. Stu
  6. Today
  7. Just above the quoted section, it states: its better to not PVA than to spray thin PVA I missed the bit about the siphon cup gun. You will be fine doing it with a brush, especially if it's just the first couple to get the mould broken in. Have a look at the video below from East Coast Fibreglass.
  8. Quote from the link text: It is imperative to spray PVA in a film thick enough to be peeled off the mold in sample areas. When holding the film up to the light, no pinholes or porosity should be present. Proper PVA application involves using a siphon cup gun and gradually building up a number of thin passes to form a continuous thick film. This confirms the need for a reasonably thick film. I presume the spray application is to improve surface finish compared to brush application. My dilemma still remains; the cost -v- only the need for a couple of fuselages, and wanting a good finish!
  9. paulj

    Tabless servos?

    How about a vertical plate to glue the servos to? Here is a picture of my trusty old Eliminator slope racer with tabless servos: Maybe you can put a thin vertical plate between the two pairs of servos without increasing the weight too much? Clearly the 1/8th ply I used would be too much for a DLG!
  10. paulj

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    I actually managed to get out yesterday with the MadRES. First of all it was windless with nice thermals being marked by the seagulls. I flew my Pegasus (electric 2m) for the first hour or so, then we had an edge of cloud move over, and a breeze started so out came the bungy. However, the nice thermals had become much more turbulent, and the best I could manage of the relatively low launches was 1:37 before a sideways landing dislodged the rudder from one side of its bond to the fuselage tube and stopped play. On the positive side, it is at least a time . I am retiring from full time employment on Friday, so hopefully the MadRES will see more airtime in the coming months (although there are some other non flying projects stacking up...).
  11. Hey mate Most people doing the moulding and on the link advise to use it till the mould has "broken in". Certainly when using the plug to make the mould. So if as you say you use it for a few pulls it might save you some major headache later on. Brett Ps, most places advise to put it on with a brush. In fact the link says avoid spray as it leaves too fine a layer. Its needs a single layer but applied "fairly generously". The link gives a lot of really good info.
  12. I will keep your Luna in mind and tell my flying buddies about it. I really like my Luna E. It came used with a Hacker B40 10S and a 12/8 on 3S yields about 500 watts or more depending on the battery. About 1894 grams ready to fly. What does your glider weigh? Vic St Pete Fl
  13. gem

    F5J competition 28 July, Bartletts

    Hi Nick, Please add me to the list. Thanks Garry Matthews
  14. Just read the link provided by Stormeflyer; very interesting. Certainly promotes the benefit of PVA release for new moulds. May be worth using it for a few pulls, then revert to wax for the better finish. Trouble is, I don’t have a gravity spray gun and I hadn’t intended going into mass production
  15. Thanks guys for the advice. I don’t generally like using PVA because you can’t get a good shine like you can with wax; but as you point out, it does give a water soluble contact surface in times of trouble! As I said in my previous post, I’ll ‘stick’ to using #8 release wax in future rather than these modern chemical methods which are predominantly designed for labour saving, not necessarily better functionality. Please keep the advice coming, you never know what you don’t know!
  16. The OP is dropping off two other model's with me on the weekend for someone else. If anyone wants to use the F3F courier service I'm going to Wales at the end of the month and the English open next month. Happy to courier it around along with the other models. Brett
  17. Gromit

    Baudis Banana. SOLD......

    My Banana is now SOLD. Thank you to all who have contacted me with interest via pm's I've had so much interest in fact that could have sold 6 of them . Still have my original Banana, a 'cracking' model, so i'm still happy. Stu.
  18. Nicholls

    BARCS-ELG 14thJuly 2019

    Here are some photos thanks to Pete Beadle for on the field shots and Pete Mitchell the presentations IMPORTANT Everyone except John Hovell went home winners! A first in my recollection in that they all won at least one group/slot.
  19. EssexBOF

    F5J competition 28 July, Bartletts

    Me to Open BMFA057851 BARCS230
  20. Hi CTR In support of Brett and the PVA release agent http://www.rexco-usa.com/why-molds-stick/
  21. Here is the video. have a look at about 8 min into the video. Will be good to watch all the video so you get a sense of how much he struggles then how easily it pops once he sprays water into it.
  22. Unlucky mate, bound to run into a snag or two along the way. I might be teaching you to suck eggs here so if you already know this then at least it might help someone else reading the post. During the many hours of videos I've watched of laying up wings and fuselages, a number of them have mentioned the best solution is multiple layers of wax and then PVA, until the moulds are well used. The reason why the PVA is so important is because it dissolves completely in water. The PVE forms a very thin layer between the wing/fuzz and the mould so what they do is pull a section of the fuzz/wing (whatever may be stuck) just enough so they can spray water between the gap, just a normal window cleaning spray gun. As the water runs between everything it dissolves the PVA which helps break any bond between the parts. There is a very good video of a bloke pulling a wing from a mould. It gets to a point where it is very stuck and he sprays water between the gaps and it pops loose with not too much effort. I will try find it. Brett
  23. Rayg

    F5J competition 28 July, Bartletts

    And me too Nick, thank you. BMFA 052822
  24. martynk

    F3-RES League Bungees

    To stop clogging up the F3-RES league posts I have created this new post for F3-RES bungee alternatives. I mentioned in my last post that the new batch of Silicon Red 6x4 from HK - which is the 'approved' bungee for the F3-RES league doesn't appear to be made of Silicon - its more of a plastic material. It goes white when you try and stretch it and actually doesn't stretch very far at all. I have found this on eBay and ordered it but I suspect it may be a HK product simply being resold in the UK. Its considerably more expensive as well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RED-6mm-Silicon-Rubber-Bungee-Hi-Start-for-EDF-GLIDERS-HI-Start-Release-Tubing/232032593480? I'll let you know how I get on with it. I also have some brown 6x4 silicon tube I can test but I cant remember where it came from.
  25. martynk

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    Working all weekend, but managed to get out for an hour late yesterday afternoon. I bought a new HK bungee and dutifully made up the ends and tried it out. It was absolutely useless. I could only stretch it by about 1x its length and even broke my 35lb BS towline trying to stretch it further.. The best flight on that line was only 1:13 from about 10m altitude and in that brief launch I nearly ripped the wings off . I'll tell HK what the problem is but don't hold your breath. In the meantime we need to source an alternative. After 4 or 5 attempts, temper got the better of me and I put my old HK bungee back on again and promptly broke it again. A quick knotted repair and one final flight that looked promising at the launch but quickly fizzled out and a bad stall didn't help. The air had gone very cool so a mere 1:59 but I'll try and get out gain one evening this week to improve it.
  26. martynk

    F3-RES Model photos

    Thanks Paul That would be fine. Much appreciated
  27. Altered the listing to reflect the actual model ! Thanks to those who pointed out the error ! NOW OPEN TO OFFERS as need the space but PLEASE BE REALISTIC. This is a nice model. I'm travelling down to the Corby area next weekend (20th 21st July) so can deliver if not too far off this route.
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