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  1. Yesterday
  2. Appreciate the comment but honestly, if I’d launched my fridge freezer at midday today I would have struggled to get it down again
  3. martynk

    3rd 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Duration Challenge

    Well done Guy. That is an excellent score. I am away - back next weekend. hopefully, I'll get chance to get a challenge flight in but that will take some beating
  4. k2x

    Vest Pokal 2019

    It is getting closer quickly. Competitors info have been sent today to the emailaddress stated in the registration. If you haven't received an email today, please get in touch. Two of the reserve places are left for the late deciders. Cheers Ulrich
  5. Big thanks to everyone behind another fantastic "come and try", Great to see everyone, lets hope the weather is as kind for the season opener next weekend.
  6. Monz

    BMFA F3K Event #1 - 27th April 2019 - Twywell

    I'm provisionally in, depending on work, I'll only know though late Friday if that's okay?
  7. pete beadle

    XPerience Pro Ballast

    Hi Nigel Might be an idea to contact Austin, our moderator, he is Mister NAN Model and I'm sure he'll help you Regards Pete BARCS1702
  8. steve knowles

    BARCS-ELG 28thApril 2019

    Please add me to the entry Pete. Open class. Steve
  9. CTR

    BMFA F3K Event #1 - 27th April 2019 - Twywell

    I’ll be there. It would be great if we get as many as at the ‘Come and try’ this weekend! Looks like there's a fair chance of the weather holding but cooler according to BBC long range. Neil P
  10. Mark Evans

    Stream NXT

    OH MAN I'VE FOUND IT! I don't think I've ever been this happy!
  11. Nigel Castle

    XPerience Pro Ballast

    I recently bought an XPerience Pro in immaculate condition but it did not have a ballast set with it. I set about trying to find a set to buy (it looks like Nan models no longer keep it) so decided I can make up a set myself. An Internet search suggests that Copper Bar is heavier than Brass so I can order a length to cut into slugs. The reason I am starting this post is would someone please measure the outside diameter of the standard set and tell me which size rod I need to buy, it is very difficult to accurately measure the ballast tube inside the fuz. I think it is 16mm but not 100% Would a size 1mm less in diameter be prudent so as not to get it stuck in the tube? Any help will be appreciated Many Thanks
  12. Then got a 12:12. My bottle went downwind.
  13. Hi first time out with MadRES bought off a member here. 4:35 MadRES. Cheshire. 1145am Guy
  14. EssexBOF

    BARCS-ELG 28thApril 2019

    Suppose I will have to drag myself the 3 miles up to the field Open please
  15. ThermalSniffer

    3rd Mosquito 14-day Duration Challenge 2019

    I am almost certain this will be beaten by end of the day but both mosquito and f3k duration challenges need a new time to restart them so I submit my Elf flight from earlier this morning. Pilot: Simon Platt Model: Elf Duration: 10 mins 35 seconds Date: 21 April 2019
  16. Good luck with the recovery Stu. It will be good to see you able to enjoy a day's racing without having to suffer for it during or afterwards.
  17. Mark Evans

    Stream NXT

    I swear someone’s trying to tell me something. Got home yesterday evening, went to do a bit on my NXT and one of my aileron horns has decided to vanish (I definitely had a pair up till yesterday) searched everywhere. Would anyone happen to have some spare from a unbuilt kit I could have until I can get some new ones from Stream Team, I wanted to be ready for this Saturdays contest too.
  18. Fingers crossed my steady recovery will continue & i'l be fit enough to enjoy the opening round Stu.
  19. Last week
  20. Awesome day, thanks to all who had a hand in putting this on, Vincent for making it look easy and Shady for being the coolest dude. Most where off flying towards the end of the day so I didn't get to say goodbye to many but see you all next weekend (he says!)
  21. There are thirty in the audience at the second indoor session of the day.....
  22. I would love to say no time to build, instead ill be honest, i am useless at building and everything i touch goes wrong. I have a mini-graphite with electric nose and would like to know if anybody knows somebody who is reliable and does a quality job and who would build this for a fee. Commutable from either Bristol or Bournemouth would be fantastic. Much prefer to go with personal recommendations than google. Its already spent many a year sat gathering dust due to my incompetence and really wants to fly Regards Chris
  23. John Minchell

    Airfield near to Wolverhampton

    Look up clubs on the BMFA club finder page, the Greenacres club is near there and ask them about DLG's
  24. Please bring correct change to pay if you can!
  25. Thanks sky high, sorry you can't make it. Everybody else, don't forget the sunglasses, hats, water bottles and sunscreen!
  26. Regrettably I’m not going to be able to attend as planned and hopefully there be some other events on the calendar of a similar nature during the year. Looking at the subjects for discussion it does provide an extensive programme and would be perfect for a novice such as myself. The weather looks to be just about perfect so wishing you all a very good weekend.
  27. Awesome!, I was gonna ask if you still had it so I could have a look at the repair. Yeah a walk through would be super helpful, thank you!
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