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  2. Peted213

    Wanted moulded glider

    I'm looking at possibly selling my redshift f3f glider if anyone has any interest pm me thanks pete
  3. Yesterday
  4. GuyB

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    Thanks Martyn. On hols at the moment but might get an hour on Sunday depending on the weather
  5. pete beadle

    Wanted 1.5m DLG max budget £400

    Hi Shayne I THINK that this is the ad from the chap West of Heathrow (Berkshire?) that's been on BMFA for weeks, getting cheaper every week, because its wooden, not moulded..... I think you wanted moulded up to £400.00, yes? Regards Pete BARCS1702
  6. isoaritfirst

    BBC Horizon: Britains next air disaster? Drones

    It’s been on twice already. A very one sided view from someone who has a commercial interest in making drones a danger
  7. PeteMitchell

    Nan Models Xplorer 3, 3.8m F5J

    Unfortunately to be able to help ,more info is still needed to calculate an answer. There are many different types of HET motor so it is improtant to know which one. I cant say I recognise your esc, but that is not so important. As an example, a popular combination was a HET 2W-20 with a Reiseneaur 5-1. gearbox If your model weighs around 1750g , then with a 14 x 7 prop this would give you a clime rate of about 1300ft.per minute pulling about 40Amp. A 12.5 x 8 would give less clime performance. But these numbers would change if the motor is a different version. Hope that helps
  8. martynk

    2m Hi-Start Challenge League Table (2019)

    Updated Table
  9. A placeholder for the 7th 2M Hi-Start 14 day duration Challenge for 2019 Please submit your score below. The clock will start when the first score is submitted. This is a for fun challenge, anyone with a bungee-launched glider up to 2 metres wingspan and the standard Hi-Start can post a time. Object: Fly your 2 metre glider for as long as possible from a flat field, the person who's time is unbeaten for 14 days 'wins' and a new challenge starts. Rules: Launches must be made from the standard Challenge Hi-Start bungee. Flight times begin when line releases from the towhook and the model must land in the field for times to count. While the object is to encourage F3-RES types, any model up to 2 metre span may be flown (F3-RES, foam, full house aileron mouldie) but please state the type of model with your time. The standard Hi-Start bungee is a maximum of 10m of 6/4mm surgical tubing and 50m of static line (minimum 30lb breaking strain). Lighter/smaller bungee rubber may be used. Fly safely! No slope soaring
  10. martynk

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    Unless someone drops a score in this evening, Guy won this one. Well done League table updated and a new challenge started. More entries please
  11. shayne

    Wanted 1.5m DLG max budget £400

    hi, I tried to cut and past an advert on BMFA, failed. Ad No.79902 on the BMFA Classified page. DLG 1.5m- £50 Check it out
  12. shayne

    Nan Models Xplorer 3, 3.8m F5J

    I have looked through my e-mails for the details of what is fitted in the Xplorer: HET 200, Resonair gearbox ESC128 (BEC) Battery 3S, Turnigy 2200mAh 40-50c discharge. I am reluctant to take it apart to find exactly what is in there
  13. Might be of interest/on BBC Iplayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0006h51/horizon-2019-3-britains-next-air-disaster-drones
  14. paulj

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    No worries! Small dab of thick cyano sorted everything out. I should be flying again tomorrow, if the wind dies down a bit. I will at the very least take the pictures I promised!
  15. TJ37


    Reduced to £675.00 - If no takers will keep it myself.
  16. Marc Sinclair

    BARCS sticker availability?

    Sttickers arrived. Thanks Pete!
  17. Last week
  18. Mark Evans

    Vintage radio controlled glider kit - (EMP) Algebra 1000 S

    Just a FYI, my post was purely a heads up in case yours did get removed and you were left wondering why. Nothing more. I will keep quiet in future.
  19. pete beadle

    Vintage radio controlled glider kit - (EMP) Algebra 1000 S

    Hi Marc Hang on a day or so, you'll soon know!......... Your first reply will probably come from Austin, maybe one of the committee, but more probably other forum users.......with OTHER suggestions(!) Regards Pete BARCS1702
  20. Marc Sinclair

    Vintage radio controlled glider kit - (EMP) Algebra 1000 S

    That makes sense and could work SP, thx! With all due respect, what do our BARCS Godfathers say about it?
  21. Marc Sinclair

    Amazing flying firworks wheel India

    lolz Weds
  22. Marc Sinclair

    New FrSky RX4R and RX6R mini recievers

    Like Guest I got the Frsky GRX6 receiver. It's really tiny and built-in vario, apart from the soft cardboard "case", I cannot praise these units enough! like the dedicated battery pins underneath the unit and in opposite direction to servo pins (can see in pic below) https://www.t9hobbysport.com/frsky-g-rx6-receiver Size dif between GRX6 and my X4R The new G-RX6 receiver boast lower latency and improved range on the current X6R receiver Bumf: This FrSky G-RX6 is designed for use with Gliders with built in vario sensor, this will give you telemetry data like altitude and vertical speed. The G-RX6 features 6 PWM outputs with higher precision and lower latency. The latency of the PWM output is 9ms less than that of the X6R, in high speed mode. It also supports the redundancy function, so it can be used in conjunction with other receivers. The G-RX6 and the whole RX-line has a 40% increased operating range compared to the previous X series receivers. Features: Small and High sensitivity (40% increase of the range compared to previous X series receivers) Integrated with high precision variometer sensor Higher precision PWM and Low latency PWM output Lower power consumption Redundancy function supported Smart Port enabled and telemetry data transmission supported Battery voltage detection supported 2 detachable IPEX 4 Connector antennas PCB protection with the comformal coating craftwork Specification: Dimension: 21.1×13×7.3mm (L×W×H) Weight: 2.2g / 2.6g (with two antennas) Number of Channels: 16CH (1-6CH PWM from conventional channel outputs, 1-16CH from SBUS OUT port) Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V-10V Operating Current: 100mA@5V Operating Range: >2km Servo Frame Rate: 9ms (HS—High Speed Mode)/18ms (FS—Normal Speed Mode)
  23. Weds

    Amazing flying firworks wheel India

    Imagine the form filling that would be required to do that in the UK
  24. cirrusRC

    Hungary 2019 wc

    Well done to the team. Thanks for the all updates on FB. How high does Joe W launch to? Did they cut the comp down from 15 rounds to 12? Was surprised not to see PomPom in the WC - did he just not make the team? Congrats to Henri.
  25. SilentPilot

    Vintage radio controlled glider kit - (EMP) Algebra 1000 S

    Maybe these types of posts can go in the discussion forum under Other Subjects - General Discussion. You're not selling anything so don't put it in FS/W, but you are highlighting something that someone else may be interested in, just what forums are for. Just got to find an appropriate section
  26. Hi. Dad has a couple of models he is querying whether to electrify. Option A: Sumo 100" Fantasia - Rudder/Elevator. Well over 30 years old and what I learnt to fly with using a bungee. Performance is good but it's a big old heavy model. I believe the same company also did an electric version (Rhapsody). Initially I was thinking this old lump wasn't worth electrifying but open to suggestions. We'd rather use a non geared motor and do things on the cheap (thinking hobbyking stuff). It will need to fit in existing fuse. Anyone already done this conversion? Open to suggestions regarding motor + ESC + lipo. 2 piece wing : 518g emtpy fuse : 537g Option B: Jockey Slingsby Eagle 2 meter wing (245g), Rudder, Elevator + home built fuselage with an ASP12 IC motor. AUW 1042g. Plan is to keep the wing but build a new lighter fuselage ready for electric . Need an idea of the motor dimensions to ensure build fuselage to correct dimensions to accommodate it. Electric AUW would likely be around 700g ish. Looking for motor suggestions that would be adequate for flat field thermalling. Fun over performance.
  27. pete beadle

    Vintage radio controlled glider kit - (EMP) Algebra 1000 S

    Hi all I must admit I was guilty of this sort of thing when I first joined the forum.......my excuse was that I thought I was being helpful ........however, one of the other members PM'd me at the time and gave me some tips on alternative ways to provide this king of info and, hopefully I haven't strayed since Seems to me that Marc was just trying to be helpful and, as EsKee said, shouldn't be penalised for trying to be helpful....... Many years ago, a senior executive I worked to at the time, gave me a helpful piece of advice, he said, "Apart from re-reading what you are about to commit to the WWW, to be sure you are saying what you mean in a positive way.....if you're NOT quite sure, sleep on it, wait 'til the next morning, and see if you still think the mail/post needs to be sent.........quite often you won't!" Regards Pete BARCS1702
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