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  2. Mark Evans

    Dlg elevator trim

    Hi guys, So, flying the Auri and the spec sheet cg recommendation is 63-64mm. I am currently at 65 but I can visibly see some up trim in my elevator. A dive test shows it just pulls up slightly, not as much as I would have imagined though with the up trim I can see by eye. Flying along I find it flies hands off ok but does nose up, even flying downwind and I have to push on the stick a bit to stop it stalling. At this point would you change anything? I thought about trimming the elevator dead flat and getting a level flight via nose or tail weight but I think this would put the cg quite far back from what’s suggested. When would you shim the elevator to correct any possible decalage issue? Thanks in advance.
  3. mikef

    ESC settings

    I decided to compare the ‘plane slow‘ start with the ‘plane middle' start on the bench. 'Slow' first, prop-off (indoors) and it starts instantly. No point trying 'middle' on the bench, it couldn't be any quicker. Does this tell me anything? (I didn't mention before, there's an AMRT in the esc to Rx line but it wasn't there when I first flew the model and the start delay was always there.) What I'm getting with the prop on is a delay (possibly a variable delay?) rather than a slow wind-up. Does anyone else get a delay, (of about a second) after slamming to full throttle, before the motor starts? I have the throttle set to full and then switch the throttle cut off to start. Can anyone explain the difference between the effects of startup speed and startup power please? Could the ESC be faulty - has anyone else got a similar ESC - if so, please, what are your settings? I'll try a change to the settings and test it prop-on when the wind drops a bit.
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  5. mikef

    carbon fin vs balsa weight

    I don't know that model but you could estimate the weight - light balsa is about 6 lb./cu.ft.
  6. Hi I keep creasing the fin on my mini dart DLG, mainly cos I cant catch it every time and the field I fly in is very short grass and very hard. I have fixed it a few times but it is now just getting heavier. If I made a balsa fin, either with our without glass skin and carbon spar, as I can make these very cheaply, anyone got any idea how much heavier it would be compared to a the current carbon foam one? The carbon one is 3grams Thanks Tom
  7. SilentPilot

    Wing retaining

    It's had a test flight... I only wanted to throw it for a trim flight and see how it reacted to rudder input but the wind was too light and variable to be able to do this. Instead I got the bungee out for some flat launches to just get some speed up to see what happened. Did a couple like that, couldn't really gauge anything, so then went 'all in' and had a go at a proper launch. It goes up nice! Rotates itself into the climb and just needs a little back pressure to keep the line under tension. Once up I could really tell how it went. Much better as it goes! There is still a little wallow if you try come out of the turn too quickly and changes of direction look horrid, almost like adverse yaw from a No Rudder aileron roll, quite strange but that's just how then are if what I read about them is true. Cant wait to have a go in a decent breeze now
  8. Marc RC pilot

    . Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 - Carbon. NEW

    more pics
  9. Brand new. Tx with 8gig SD card, Ethix screen protector, Lipo battery. Comes with a F3k program etc installed (Thx Mark). Link for specs: https://www.t9hobbysport.com/taranis-x9d-plus-se-2019-2.4ghz-transmitter I bought this set as a back-up to my existing one, but it's just sitting under my bed in a box. and I need more important things in my life: 1) KST 08 servos 2) 3m thermal/sports glider, full house, older gen but something half descent 3) Auri 1.5m Dlg Otherwise looking at £200 posted for tx, screen protector, sd card and battery. Let me know what you think. Marc
  10. GuyB

    Stream NXT for swap or sale

    Hi Blanmatter. Going to send you a PM Guy
  11. GuyB

    Stream NXT for swap or sale

    Hi William looks like a lovely model but I am looking for a bigger wingspan Guy
  12. steveburns

    Speedfire 2 F5B

    Hi Tristan This is a F5B plane and is built as such which means they are not really intended for straight line speed but they are very fast. They accelerate very fast as they have a lot of power and low weight. typical motor runs are 3 seconds from launch and sub 2 seconds once in the air. They will get to ~190MPH in a climb, launch to ~160MPH takes around 2 seconds and that's climbing. They will break 200 MPH but trying to go much over that will result in flutter as the airframe isn't really stiff enough for that but that is what a hotliner is. For 250+ MPH you might do it with a pylon model but you really need a speed model and you are talking a lot of money. A ready to fly F5B model weighs around 1550g to 1650g, has between 6000W and 8500W of power. Motor will be 2000 kv on a 6.7:1 gearbox, something like a Neu 1512 2.5D, prop is 18 x 22 ish and 10s 1800 mah LiPo. ESC is a Castle 160 HV or similar. If you're looking at this as your first hotliner you should look at around 2000W to start with. This is easy to do and easy to upgrade by using a 10s motor like the 1512 2.5D and running on 6s. Hope this is some help to you. Steve
  13. Marc RC pilot

    KST servos, first impressions

  14. Mark Evans

    KST servos, first impressions

    They won’t fit, they were designed for F5J. Regular X08 has more than enough speed and torque for dlg, even on 1s.
  15. Marc RC pilot

    KST servos, first impressions

  16. Marc RC pilot

    KST servos, first impressions

    I'm looking into getting a set of KST X08H Plus and a set of KST X08 Plus for wings and tail. They are only a couple of quid dearer than the non-plus version of the servo but use a more powerful motor (more torque) and have a large voltage range. Very light and very small. Not cheap. For Dlg use. Anyone use these servos and care to advise? Many thanks.
  17. Yesterday
  18. slopelope

    How to acquire Tungsten ballast ?

    Thanks Sheepish
  19. Tris

    Speedfire 2 F5B

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the extra pics, looks in good shape, could I ask what motor setup you have used, batteries and esc as this could be my first ‘hotliner’ and to be honest, my local flying club has a speed challenge on the go, so I’m hoping this may top the table. Hoping for 250mph+ Apologies for all the questions and thanks again for the photos best regards Tristan
  20. Marc RC pilot

    F3K and Mozzy 14-day challenges 2020

    Great to hear Mark (Auri is on my no1 must have list...)
  21. steveburns

    Speedfire 2 F5B

    Extra pics as requested
  22. William

    Stream NXT for swap or sale

    I’ve got an arthobby Odyssey (2.7m) , but not sure if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for?
  23. Mark Evans

    F3K and Mozzy 14-day challenges 2020

    Started to get out again, nothing special, just 4 minute flights but low 15-20m throws cause I popped my vert loose 2mins arriving at the field. Although technically I could have posted a sportsman time but I also messed up my logging so nothing was getting recorded. Just nice being out, and my favourite type of weather, not too windy but nice grey skies. Really loving the Auri + Taranis combo, makes flying enjoyable for me again.
  24. Dave Elam

    DG-303 HF-Modell all-moulded

    And here's mine.
  25. Jeti Receiver for sale - Duplex Rex 7, Article JDEX-RR7 A (assist receiver) bought but never used. £95 Jeti airspeed sensor MSPEED, Article JEX-MS, bought but never used. £40 Ribs 07833 680723
  26. Slightly unusual sale! This is the prototype I made for a setup jig, enabling you to configure a full-house model and test all the mixes etc. Useful for learning new things about your transmitter, testing a new model setup or simply playing about without having to rig a complete model in your office or living room! All the servos are MKS 6100s and were bought specifically for the rig - none have had any airtime and have only been used for short while on this jig. Each servo has a LDS type adapter installed. The system was a prototype, so it's not perfect (yet!) but it is still a very useful tool - seems a shame to have it sitting in my cupboards. Yours for £150 total. System will be carefully packaged and sent special delivery or Parcel Force 48, signed, tracked etc. Alternatively, collection from Trowbridge. Call me on 07833 680723 to discuss if you would like more info. cheers, Ribs
  27. Selling this little job lot as a starter kit, for anyone keen to introduce a new flyer to DLG or aeromodelling. Vladimir Elf (amazing little 1m dlg. Flown a great deal and has the little marks and scars to show it, but is basically fine) Multiplex Royal Evo 9 transmitter. 2.4GHz module installed, recent software updates. 1 x additional 5ch multiplex rx (RX-5 light M-Link) 1 x additional 7ch multiplex rx (RX-7-DR light M-Link) 35MHz transmitter module to convert back if you want I really want this to get some use and ideally go to a new/younger flyer. Looking for £150 for this lot. Collection from Trowbridge or I can deliver to a sensible distance - call me to discuss on 07833 680723 cheers, Ribs
  28. Erwin XL Medium For Sale 3m Span MKS 6125s throughout Small crease to one tailplane tip - see photo. No effect on flying, currently just reinforced with a little dimond tape. Repair to wing root - tested at high speed with no problem - root was repaired with a lot of carbon, through a small pocket made in the root rib - see image. Flies beautifully, but it is becoming a hanger queen while I do other things, so time to let it go. Model comes with three joiners - two steel and one carbon, allowing some ballast adjustment. Jeti receiver can be supplied with the model for additional £40 Jeti vario altimeter installed, can be supplied with the model for additional £40 Collection from Trowbridge Wiltshire, or can deliver to a sensible radius - please contact me to discuss - 07833 680723 Looking for £650 for the airframe, including all servos and recent Overlander NiMH cheers, Ribs
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