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  2. alstorm1538

    Tonbridge BMFA F5J Comp Sunday 16th June 2019

    Please enter me for the Open 2.4 bmfa 067979 Alan Twine
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  4. EssexBOF

    BARCS-ELG 9thJune 2019

    Open please Pete 2.4 BARCS 230 BMFA 057851
  5. gem

    BARCS-ELG 9thJune 2019

    Hi Peter, Please include me for the one, open on 2.4. Thanks Garry
  6. Hi Colin, Please include me in the comp. thanks Garry Matthews
  7. martinlaw

    Crossfire Evo f3f/f3b

    Price reduced to £750.00 This is a lot of glider for the money!!
  8. Peter, Most if not all of the 220m reported heights were due to the AMRT not being set to allow a reading on any relaunches (thus requiring disconnection of battery before relaunch) with me being one to fall into this trap and the CD awards this height despite the fact most are in fact lower than the 200m allowed. The new results format is an option available in the latest update of GliderScore and whilst requiring more space is better than having separate sheets that I liked to give provide with Landing and Launch Height results. Thanks for your Feedback.
  9. Pete W

    CX4 DLG

    Pm'd you
  10. Hello all, The barn on Lundy is currently booked for a slope soaring holiday, from Saturday August 3rd until Saturday August 10th, 2019. For various reasons, there are now some spaces available. The more we have in the Barn the cheaper it will be, but expect to pay around £100-200 for the week's accommodation, then add on the price of the Ferry to get there and back. The barn sleeps 14 in total, with accommodation split into 2 dorm rooms. There is a large kitchen and a comfortable lounge area where flyers can hang out and share their stories of the slopes. The island pub is just a short walk away and there are slopes facing all directions (just about), again a gentle stroll away from the barn. If you haven't been to Lundy before, then you should! It is a slope soaring paradise, with nothing but a pub and a few lovely cottages and accommodations to stay in. You can find out more information about this little gem of a place here: https://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/lundyisland/ The island accommodation office want confirmation of our booking tomorrow, so for this reason, if you would like to join in and help make this year's trip happen, please can you contact me by reply on this discussion or PM me, by midnight TONIGHT! Sorry that this is such a last-minute appeal - but it is just the way the cards have fallen this time around. Hope to hear from you. cheers, Chris
  11. martynk

    4th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Duration Challenge

    Sorry to hear that John. Hope you get a speedy recovery. Cracking article in Aeromodeller by the way. Very interesting. I believe that we will have another Peterborough member joining us as well who shall remain nameless until he announces it. I just need to get out. Every calm day opportunity for the past month or so, I have had other commitments. Don't want Guy to think there is no other interest here..
  12. Mike Connell

    Tonbridge BMFA F5J Comp Sunday 16th June 2019

    Hi Colin Please enter me open, 2.4, BMFA 155649 Mike Connell
  13. Whitmore

    4th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Duration Challenge

    Nice to see some activity in the 2m Challenge - unfortunately I broke my ankle at Easter and can't launch anything for a month or two. I might be able to tie up with a pal and get them to do the walking bit for me. Jon
  14. Not a day for low launch heights, clearly. Wonderful 'judgement' shown by Mr Mitchell in his fourth round maximum point flight: 220m launch, 6min, 43 secs duration and 50 point landing . I bet he was pleased to get away with that launch. Spot on landing though. I like the way the results are presented here, Ian.
  15. Brian Taylor

    4th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Duration Challenge

    Sorted out a bungee and got myself a model to build ( Samba RES Evo ) so hope to be taking part in a month or two. Brian
  16. RESULTS A challenging day with no sun apart from an occasional yellow glow between clouds in a mainly darkish sky with light but variable winds that were chilly at times but both wave and thermal lift were there to find in most but not all groups A 10am start allowed 6 rounds to be flown a lunch break and results available at 1630 The worthy winner was Colin Paddon but it’s notable that Keith Fisher was the only person to all but fly out all 6 rounds (1 at 9m 32s) Thanks to Mike Connell for the photos above
  17. Hi Marc and all, I'm hoping that I might be able to help at least a few of you guys who are just starting to use a bungee, by describing a few of the techniques that can be employed to make "marginal" power bungee systems work better in practice Firstly, wind, any wind, seriously improves the power available to be used on any launch. If you start using a bungee on a dead calm day you'll see this immediately Secondly, you'll find that, the more ooomph you can get into the first few feet of the launch, the fewer problems will appear as you start to really get into the climb Thirdly, the glider should be launched at roughly 45 degrees nose up, no more, and certainly no less, and you MUST launch squarely into wind ALWAYS.....every time Don't stand , ready to launch the end of the line, any more time than you absolutely have to.......holding the bungee at full stretch really kills it over time You can improve any launch by weaving on the line, but only after you are settled into the launch, at about a quarter of the way up, weaving stretches the line and improves the pull, especially if you feed some up elevator at the same time, but doesn't increase the total energy of the pull........that's simple Physics for you.......this is also known as "kiting" Gauging the moment of release at the top of the launch is important too, try to get off just before the model does it for you...... Towhook position is also critical and an ordinary cup hook is often better than the releasable type because it can be "tuned" by moving it forward or back depending on the conditions.....just drill holes in front and behind the starting position and move the cup hook either way as necessary Then there's CG position, the hook position must enable the glider to "cock" on the launch settling the glider's angle of climb to maximum effect I won't go into caring for the bungee rubber or repairing line breaks just here but, if anyone is in any doubt as to look after their bungee rubber, please post here and I'll try to answer what you want to know.....oh, and hand winches and power winches either...... they're quite complicated to get working at 100%....... Smooth, high launches and long flights chaps Regards Pete BARCS1702
  18. Hi, I think we may have met at wormwood Scrubs last weekend.. I was flying my supra off the high start. (My favourite way to fly bar slope soaring) I got my 2 mtr class bungee from Seta tek in Germany as I have built his models and he sends a complete ready to use high start. I purchased my 3mtr and above high start from the states, super nice quality components and you can specify exactly your requirements. see links below. http://www.seta-tech.de/ https://www.aerofoam.com/complete-3m-1.html best, Leo.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I've entered and paid. 148987
  21. Watch out peeps he’s got a new v3, a 70m launch and he’s coming to get you. That is if he doesn’t crash!
  22. thechalster

    Help CX5. Tailplane mount

    Any one got a CX5. tailplane pylon. Just putting a CX5 together for someone and the mount has gone missing.
  23. I bought the Allround 150 Plus, this should launch many different weights and wingspans, from my Xplorer to AVA, more weight more stretch..............
  24. If you don’t want to outlay too much this is a U.K. supplier that sells 6mm and 8mm OD Silicon bungee in 10 mtr lengths that should get you going https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F232032593480
  25. Some images from todays event.
  26. Just started back flying after a fair layoff last week at Wormwood Scrubs London satinet: https://www.bing.com/maps?q=wormwood+scrubs&FORM=HDRSC4 Thanks for the advice/experience with EMC Nigel. The launch system has to be 100% sound for sure. Do you mind me asking what type of model sizes you launch with and what launch package did you get? Thank you
  27. I bit the bullet and bought a complete system from EMC Vega a couple of weeks ago, it was on my doorstep less than three days later, outstanding service and great quality products. It will last for years if looked after carefully, you will not go wrong buying from them, I was pointed in theta direction by the guys on this forum.
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