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  2. Neil Harrison

    Learning the hard way

    awesome job Vin
  3. Are you sure that's cobwebs
  4. Today
  5. mhodgson

    EMP Algebra 2.5m

    Decided to visit the Free Flights Nationals and it has been quite enlightening particularly watching the glider flyers and their ciecke towing. Not much in terms of buying and selling but I did manage to get, of all things) a complete kit for an Algebra 2.5m, glass fus, for a staggering £25!!! At moment plan will be to build it as an aileron/flap calm weather slope model and to keep generally to the plan/kit (other than glassing the wings), unless anyone has any other suggestions.
  6. I thought the cobwebs were intentional??
  7. Here's the whole "thing". It's not to be returned in the state shown here!
  8. Well what a bunch of wimps. I will be there.
  9. Here's the start list. I have matrixed for three groups to avoid one group of six and one of 7. This gives us an simpler task of getting helpers organised. Please be available to time if you are not flying. Radioglide 2019-Start-List.pdf
  10. For those that don't know, "the hand" is the trophy for the F3K event at Radioglide. Perhaps MikeHLG could post a picture of it in an appropriate setting?
  11. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t risk winning ‘the hand’ again
  12. I have to say that forecast hasn't improved at all during the day, which is a shame. Sorry Mike I'm going to give this a miss as well. Hope for better weather for the next one.
  13. I plan to run the contest at Buckminster tomorrow. It will be breezy and there will be rain showers but I think we can get four rounds in. I have had one cancellation earlier this afternoon and... hang-on... another one now... make that two while I was typing this. Stop press..... Okay, now four total cancellations.
  14. I apologise too. I'm out as well.
  15. I already message Mike F earlier, sorry boys, I'd be way over my head in that even if it did go ahead.
  16. After 3 days walking in the lakes and just getting home, I’m wrecked and think tomorrow I’ll be a zombie. Apologies but I’m going to pull out.
  17. I am going to respectfully decline this one.
  18. Paul Gleeson

    Learning the hard way

    Sorted to geometry of the tail due to the twisted boom. Levelled the stab with some sanding on the mount. I protected the tail and boom with tin foil, then tried to soften the epoxy with a heat gun. It came off quite easily, although the foam in the fin did deform at little. I think the foil helped a lot, and next time (hope there it not one) I'll take it slower.
  19. I will come assuming the final weather check is ok. My weather app says 26 kmh gusting 52!
  20. Munch197

    Pastiche 4.2m f3j

    Pastiche sports glider 4.2m f3j A great looking model with servos installed. Make a lovely slope model or ideal starter into f3j with a little love. For the age of model it's in good condition however had a slight crack in the fuselage just at the back of the wing seat which will be a very easy fix (photos show this). The fuselage is still strong and was only sanded back to investigate a very very slight flex in the boom and could do with rehinging the surfaces as the current is old and a tad slack. Any further questions or photos please ask. £195 Ono Cheers, Matt
  21. Jonzjob

    Hi from Jonzjob.

    Hi folks, just a quick note to say hello. I am a member of the SCSA, Gloucestershire and have enjoyed slope soaring now for best part of 30 odd years. That was with a break of 13 years when I lived in S France, near Carcassonne. Rejoined the SCSA and am once again enjoying my flying (and repairing!! ) I didn't fly in France because it was a long way to the nearest slope sight and the couple of time I went there I was not totally welcomed? Flying near home was not possible due to having to possibly dodge the odd Raphel, Mirage 2000, army helicopters and others all at low altitude! So I bit the bullet and kept both me and the French aircraft drivers safe. My models stretch from Minimoa to Mini Bird, Fougar Magister to Gentle Lady, Pixel to Weasel and lots more. I enjoy the building of the trad type and have been trying to finish a 1/4 scale Habisch for more years than I would like to say. Now we are getting settled here near Malmesbury I hope to get in and finish it sometime soon. Minimoa and Pixel are below. I hope that I can both give and get advice and info and look forward to being on here and I see that there are several other SCSA members here too. John.
  22. The forecast isn't great but I think we can still get 4 rounds in between showers and the wind isn't forecast to exceed the 8m/s limit. 8m/s is 17.9 mph. Bring ballast and show us what you can do! 8 pilots starting and 4 rounds completed are the minimum numbers for the event to count towards league scores. I will issue a final decision at 1800 so check back then! To maintain a good matrix, it's best if people don't pull out after the matrix is finalised. If you're not going to come, let us know before 1800.
  23. oipigface

    Idea for a "F3F Community" Project

    ... and tea-making facilities...
  24. Hi Robtc3uk, good to meet your acquaintence. I've PM'd you regarding your 100" Sitar, Best wishes, Mike
  25. Tooks

    CX4 DLG

    I suspect that Pete W has PMd SilentPilot about his surplus HK DLGs? However, I have just sent you a PM! Iain
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