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  • Peterborough Open 2011


    The annual Peterborough Open took place on Sunday 25th of September 18 pilots turned up to fly, we had 3 double entries for both open and 100s making a total of 21 entries. Neville Warby was CD for the day and soon had the field ready to go.

    We were greeted by a gentle NNE wind and the odd spot of rain, while we were all setting up the rain dried up and the wind speed increased, by the time the comp started the wind was around 10-15mph. We used a new automatic timing system similar to the F3J timers with a 5-minute preparation time and this worked ok.

    Round 1 got underway and Graham Gilliatt was the first to score 1000 points with a time of 7.50 and a 40-point bonus. Round 1 slots were not brilliant and it wasn’t until the middle of round 2 that times increased to the 9.50s, landing points were increasingly important as the day progressed. Jeff Stocking unfortunately had a wing tip come off during his first launch and this forced him to retire before he had even started. Chris Grant suffered damage during round 2 and he also had to retire early.

    The wind continued to blow and by the 3rd round was gusting 15-20 mph (guess). Up until this point I had been doing well and was actually on top of the leader board, I launched for my 3rd flight and everything was normal until I came off the line, it was as if my model had been switched of mid flight, absolutely no control whatsoever, the model just headed for earth and then buried itself. I later checked the batteries and they were still in the top green, the transmitter was used straight afterwards for my second model with no problems, the Ariel even after the impact was still attached to the receiver, the servos appear to have no gear damage. I guess I will never know the reason, which is annoying and scary. The model had flown twice that day and had been ranged checked before the comp started. I will be checking the wreckage thoroughly and will also check my other models for signs of wear or loose linkages, which could have contributed!

    By the end of round 4 the wind was still increasing and John Hullett became victim to the turbulence, he suffered slight damaged to both of his models. Neville called for the vote to move straight on to the fly off after round 4, this was agreed and 5 pilots entered the fly off for two 15-minute flights.

    The first flight was short with a winning time of just 6.58mins by Neville Warby, the second was better and was won easily by Kevin Newitt with 11.17mins. Overall winner for the day was Kevin Newitt, Second place went to Neville Warby, and third went to Peter Allen. Top 100s for the 4 rounds also went to Kevin but he chose open for the fly off and this allowed David leech to enter the fly off and finish top 100s. Well done to all fly off pilots, a challenging day.

    Neville did an excellent job ensuring the comp was a success and we all thank him for his efforts, thanks also to all pilots for making it a good day. More open comps to come with the start of the winter series on October the 16th, all dates and more information on web page.

    Alan Morton.


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