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  • Sheffield Winter Open 2012


    Twelve hardy pilots turned up for a very challenging days flying. Round one started aound 10.30am with the best time put in by Kevin Newitt of 8mins 9sec. Unfortunately in this slot also the only serious damage of the day when Cengiz 100s folded on the ping .

    Round two saw the times getting better and great flights coming from Alan Morton with his 100s & Cengiz who beat off very good pilots to claim 1000 points each.

    The fly-off pilots were Kevin Newitt, Steve Haley, Neville Warby & myself.

    Final Results.

    4 Round Score                                 Fly Off
    1st Kevin Newitt 3637                        1965
    2nd Steve Haley 3957                       1949
    3rd Neville Warby 3645                     1896
    4th Mark De Vall 3317                       1624
    5th Bob Dickinson open 3243
    6th Alan Morton 3102
    7th Cengiz philcotts open 3028
    8th Simon Haley 3027
    9th Pete Newitt 2896
    10th Bill Haley 2824
    11th Clive Needham 2126
    12th Cengiz Philcotts 100s 2099
    13th Bob Dickinson 100s 1594
    14th Mike Challender 0 scratched after round 1 damage.

    I’d like to thank all of the pilots for turning out for what became a good days flying & hope you all have a great and successful years flying.


    Mark De Vall


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