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  • Open and 100s Classes

    As stated in the F3J model description on this web site, the top performing models for both BARCS Open and 100S competitions are generally of all moulded construction. However in the many local Open competitions multiple entries are encouraged which gives an opportunity to fly models of differing classes and the challenge of competing with the F3J type models all adds to the fun.  The sub classes of models are: Rudder, Elevator & Spoiler (RES), Classic, Vintage, Tail-less and 100S.

    As a model definition, RES is it – no limits on span, area, weight or anything else but the model must not have more than these three functions.  This makes for a reasonably simple model with minimal demands on the radio as no ailerons or wing camber changing functions are allowed.  Until the advent of composite models factory produced from female moulds, the great majority of UK Open Class thermal soarers were simply RES models. A typical soarer from that era (up to the early 1990’s) was about 12 foot span and 9 or so ounces/square foot loading and a great many of these models are still about.

    Classic is a class of glider intended to bridge the gap between the real “Golden Oldies” of Vintage gliders and the modern day gliders.. The cut-off qualifying date for Classic gliders has recently been brought forward and is now the end of 1990.  Classic therefore covers the period 1956 to 1990. After all even 1990 will still feel pretty classic to anyone who only took up the sport within the last 15 years or so. This date encompasses a huge range of designs – all essentially built up but glass fibre fuselages were available for many gliders in that era and obechi covered foam wings were also commonplace.

    Vintage gliders are those designed before the end of 1955. What therefore makes Vintage gliders quite unique is that, without exception, they were all designed before the days of radio control.  Thus every single vintage design was originally intended for free flight use and a significant challenge exists in creating a radio version which is controllable and has a worthwhile soaring performance.  To assist the process of converting such venerable designs to radio control some changes are allowed. Models can be scaled up (or down) in size.  Thus a free flight design of an original 50 inch span can readily be doubled in size to become a 100 inch span model. The rules require basic adherence to the type of construction used in the original design, however internal, non visible modifications are allowed.  For instance spruce can be used instead of balsa if the builder so chooses and even the wing section can be altered, provided the new section was also in existence in the same era. Hatches and whatever modifications are necessary to get the relevant control surfaces are also allowed.

  • Open League 2018 Final

    1Peter Allen196.32
    2Mark DeVall191.82
    3John Shenstone187.32
    4Chas Dunster176.92
    5Ingo Osbourne167.12
    6Alan Morton162.92
    7Neville Warby97.11

    Open League 2017 Final

    1Alan Morton275.43
    2Peter Allen258.93
    3John Hulett248.63
    4John Shenstone243.33
    5Mark DeVall2002
    6Ingo Osbourne190.22
    7Neville Warby162.32
    8David John Fogg119.82
    9Colin Boorman89.31
    10Ken Goddard86.72
    11Chas Dunster86.61
    12Ian Duff80.91
    13Gary Binnie79.21
    14Cengiz Philcox6.71

    Open League 2016 Final

    1John Shenstone368.14
    2Kevin Newitt294.93
    3Mark DeVall289.63
    4Alan Morton286.33
    5Neville Warby262.13
    6Peter Newitt261.43
    7John Hulett240.33
    8Peter Allen233.43
    9David Leech194.53
    10Colin Boorman180.22
    11Chas Dunster178.32
    12Al Lipscombe166.92
    13Ken Goddard127.32
    14Bob Dickenson96.31
    15David John Fogg932
    16Ozzie Osbourne92.81
    17Cengiz Philcox841
    18Robin Sleight74.31
    19Sydney Lenssen39.11

    Open League 2015

    1Peter Allen3955
    2Kevin Newitt382.24
    3Ossy Osbourne381.64
    4Mark DeVall379.14
    5Graham Gilliatt359.44
    6Neville Warby357.34
    7John Shenstone3414
    8Peter Newitt333.54
    9John Hulett2994
    10Alan Morton273.53
    11Chas Dunster256.63
    12William Watson236.53
    13David Leech212.43
    14Graham Wicks1992
    15Colin Boorman177.32
    16Bob Hope175.42
    17Ian Duff165.22
    18Robin Sleight1272
    19Cengiz Philcox97.91
    20Bob Dickenson95.11
    21Gary Binnie90.71
    22Al Lipscombe72.61
    23Tom Frankland58.51

    Open League 2014

    1Peter Allen398.46
    2Kevin Newitt397.27
    3Peter Newitt389.17
    4Ian Duff385.84
    5Alan Morton382.47
    6Neville Warby376.77
    7Ozzie Osbourne374.76
    8Graham Gilliatt370.66
    9Mark DeVall358.35
    10John Shenstone340.45
    11John Hulett337.77
    12William Watson320.77
    13Chas Dunster304.84
    14Andy Lewis287.13
    15David Leech280.47
    16Jason Griffiths264.94
    17Ian Stewart204.43
    18Colin Boorman185.42
    19David Hunter179.22
    20Jeff Ott162.72
    21Ian Nicholls160.22
    22Bob Hope1572
    23Tom Frankland146.62
    24Ivan Brown127.42
    25Graham Wicks1001
    26Kevin Beale99.91
    27Alan Twine99.71
    28Sydney Lenssen95.41
    29Brian Johnson86.31
    30Peter Sainsbury83.71
    31Trevor Blackwell812
    32Nick Jackson80.71
    33Ken Goddard79.51
    34Robin Sleight75.91
    35Derek Collings731
    36Bob Dickenson70.21
    37David Varallo22.11
    38Eddy Small7.81

    Open League 2013

    1Kevin Newitt389.76
    2Mark DeVall389.77
    3Alan Morton378.66
    4Peter Newitt370.16
    5Peter Allen369.74
    6Ozzie Osbourne366.84
    7Graham Gilliatt3436
    8Neville Warby333.46
    9David Leech332.95
    10William Watson321.45
    11John Hulett296.75
    12Tom Frankland292.84
    13John Shenstone285.35
    14Graham Wicks280.23
    15Jeff Ott262.83
    16Mick Thorpe1943
    17Ken Goddard188.33
    18Andy Lewis186.32
    19Andre Borowski180.92
    20David Hunter179.52
    21Trevor Blackwell177.54
    22Jason Griffiths160.12
    23Tony Wood1592
    24Chas Dunster147.72
    25David Varallo142.22
    26Bob Hope140.63
    27Peter Sainsbury138.42
    28Eddy Small1282
    29Alan Twine117.52
    30Brian Johnson1001
    31Colin Paddon99.71
    32Jon Stanswood96.11
    33Kevin Dart95.11
    34Cengiz Philcox90.91
    35Sydney Lenssen89.11
    36Bob Owston82.61
    37Colin Boorman821
    38Robin Sleight76.91
    39Nick Jackson58.31
    40Jeff Stocking371
    41Michael Ranger11.91

    Open League 2012

    1Tom Frankland300.35
    2Graham Wicks280.13
    3Trevor Blackwell247.65
    4Neville Warby244.13
    5Andy Lewis223.73
    6Kevin Newitt184.12
    7Colin Boorman177.92
    8Mark DeVall176.92
    9Peter Newitt172.72
    10Ozzie Osbourne164.82
    11Jeff Ott164.62
    12Bob Hope144.32
    13Colin Sparrow1392
    14Brian Johnson1001
    15Colin Paddon1001
    16Christopher Glover98.61
    17Simon Vaitkevicius96.31
    18Peter Allen92.91
    19Neil Jones88.11
    20Chas Dunster85.41
    21Tony Wood83.71
    22Bob Dickenson821
    23Martin Bell81.71
    24Ken Goddard81.51
    25Graham Gilliatt80.81
    26Cliff Hannam80.41
    27Ray Gadenne791
    28Alan Morton78.41
    29David East76.91
    30Mick Thorpe73.31
    31William Watson691
    32Al Lipscombe68.41
    33Dave Varallo57.61

    Open League 2011

    1Andy Lewis2803
    2Brian Johnson251.73
    3Trevor Blackwell203.44
    4Bob Hope197.53
    5Dougal McIntyre195.62
    6Kevin Newitt190.32
    7Colin Sparrow188.73
    8Neville Warby183.92
    9Graham Gilliatt182.22
    10David Hunter181.12
    11Bob Dickenson177.32
    12Peter Newitt1772
    13Tom Frankland174.24
    14Mike Ranger166.53
    15Simon Vaitkevicius164.62
    16Shane Alce158.92
    17Jason Griffiths1222
    18Eddy Small118.22
    19Robin Sleight116.72
    20Peter Allen1001
    21Colin Paddon99.61
    22Jon Stanswood99.31
    23Alan Morton90.11
    24Graham Wicks88.51
    25Ozzie Osborne84.91
    26Ken Goddard82.91
    27Cengiz Philcox78.61
    28Colin Lucas78.11
    29William Watson77.31
    30Colin Boorman64.11
    Regional Open Leagues at 10/10/2011
    1Bob Hope197.53
    2Mike Ranger166.53
    3Shane Alce158.92
    4Eddy Small118.22
    5Robin Sleight116.72
    6Colin Paddon99.61
    7Colin Lucas78.11
    8Colin Boorman64.11
    1Trevor Blackwell203.44
    2Kevin Newitt190.32
    3Neville Warby183.92
    4Graham Gilliatt182.22
    5Peter Newitt1772
    6Tom Frankland174.24
    7Simon Vaitkevicius164.62
    8Jason Griffiths1222
    9Peter Allen1001
    10Alan Morton90.11
    11Graham Wicks88.51
    12Ozzie Osborne84.91
    13Ken Goddard82.91
    14William Watson77.31
    1Brian Johnson251.73
    2Bob Dickenson177.32
    3Jon Stanswood99.31
    4Cengiz Philcox78.61
    1Andy Lewis2803
    2Dougal McIntyre195.62
    3Colin Sparrow188.73
    4David Hunter181.12

  • 100s League at 31/07/2019

    1Alan Morton194.42
    2John Shenstone175.72
    3Neville Warby160.12
    4Mark DeVall160.12
    5Andy Sephton47.71

    100s League 2018 Final

    1Alan Morton281.63
    2John Shenstone172.32
    3Gary Binnie97.41
    4Neville Warby80.51
    5Mark DeVall801
    6David John Fogg58.41
    7Peter Newman24.61

    100s League 2017 Final

    1Alan Morton4008
    2Neville Warby376.94
    3John Shenstone351.45
    4John Hulett348.97
    5David John Fogg280.14
    6Mark DeVall153.42
    7Gary Binnie147.32
    8Ken Goddard68.41

    100s League 2016

    1Alan Morton398.28
    2Kevin Newitt390.25
    3Peter Newitt3745
    4John Shenstone365.55
    5Mark DeVall363.74
    6John Hulett362.98
    7David Leech355.57
    8Neville Warby353.15
    9David John Fogg151.33
    10Ken Goddard1192
    11Graham James97.21
    12Robin Sleight80.21
    13Bob Dickenson62.31

    100s League 2015

    1Kevin Newitt3965
    2Alan Morton390.67
    3Peter Newitt379.65
    4John Shenstone378.25
    5Mark DeVall369.64
    6Neville Warby368.65
    7William Watson345.54
    8John Hulett344.39
    9Graham Gilliatt3414
    10David Leech313.64
    11Ken Goddard240.43
    12David John Fogg234.93
    13Simon Vaitkevicius145.32
    14Graham James1001
    15Al Lipscombe95.12
    16Robin Sleight50.21

    100s League 2014

    1Kevin Newitt3986
    2John Shenstone3916
    3Alan Morton390.513
    4Neville Warby389.97
    5Peter Newitt386.26
    6John Hulett385.112
    7Mark DeVall366.55
    8William Watson351.46
    9Graham Gilliatt3485
    10David Leech344.110
    11Jason Griffiths3316
    12Ken Goddard277.45
    13David John Fogg277.25
    14Robin Sleight196.73
    15Ian Stewart192.12
    16Cengiz Philcox185.32
    17Graham James1782
    18Tom Frankland146.62
    19David Hunter126.82
    20Brian Johnson1001
    21Gary Binnie981
    22David Varallo95.52
    23Jon Stanswood90.31
    24Andy Lewis80.41
    25Bob Dickenson68.41
    26Al Lipscombe66.61
    27Jeff Stocking65.91
    28Trevor Blackwell44.71

    100s League 2013

    1Kevin Newitt397.36
    2Alan Morton396.913
    3John Hulett391.910
    4Neville Warby378.87
    5Peter Newitt373.76
    6John Shenstone3677
    7David Leech366.69
    8William Watson334.36
    9Jason Griffiths323.26
    10Graham Gilliatt305.64
    11Mick Thorpe3017
    12Mark DeVall296.93
    13Tom Frankland292.84
    14David Varallo224.53
    15Cengiz Philcox196.12
    16Gary Binnie189.93
    17David John Fogg142.93
    18Jeff Stocking121.24
    19Jon Stanswood99.91
    20Andy Lewis94.61
    21Al Lipscombe78.11
    22Graham James74.51
    23Ken Goddard58.71
    24Robin Sleight32.61
    25Ivan Brown16.21
    26Brian Johnson10.61

    100s League 2012

    1Kevin Newitt4007
    2Peter Newitt393.97
    3Alan Morton393.59
    4Simon Vaitkevicius387.87
    5John Hulett382.47
    6Neville Warby3808
    7David Leech371.98
    8Ken Goddard365.97
    9Graham Gilliatt360.26
    10William Watson344.87
    11Mick Thorpe325.14
    12Tom Frankland300.35
    13David John Fogg3004
    14Dave Varallo293.65
    15Brian Johnson191.72
    16Mark DeVall168.32
    17Colin Sparrow167.82
    18Jeff Stocking162.43
    19Robin Sleight155.62
    20Al Lipscombe153.32
    21Ivan Brown133.72
    22Bob Dickenson118.42
    23Andy Lewis91.91
    24Graham James84.81
    25Glyn Chambers81.31
    26Terry Pelling79.11
    27Gary Binnie67.41

    100s League 2011

    1John Hulett399.88
    2Kevin Newitt398.37
    3Alan Morton389.68
    4Peter Newitt387.36
    5Simon Vaitkevicius380.15
    6David Leech370.17
    7Neville Warby369.48
    8Graham Gilliatt355.16
    9Brian Johnson352.94
    10Ken Goddard352.35
    11Jason Griffiths321.96
    12Willian Watson309.66
    13Colin Sparrow303.94
    14David J Fogg294.95
    15M Thorpe243.63
    16Robin Sleight216.53
    17Tom Frankland174.24
    18Chris Grant162.63
    19Graham James159.22
    20Ken Tinkler155.73
    21Bob Dickenson148.52
    22Dave Varallo143.72
    23Andy Lewis125.22
    24Jeff Stocking118.85
    25Terry Pelling1001
    26Glyn Chambers92.31
    27Jon Stanswood921
    28David Hunter831
    29Gary Binnie66.51
    30Ken Nicoll58.61
    31Ivan Brown52.11
    32Cengiz Philcox28.81
    33Bob Owston14.91

  • BARCS Open & 100s Articles

    • Fozzie

      2013 Sheffield Open

      By Fozzie, in Contest Reports,

      Sunday 24th Feb.  The weather forecast for the day was for overcast and windy. How wrong could they be.
      The day started with light north wind and cloud however by the middle of round 1 the Sun appeared with the winds reaching an average of 12mph. With 19 entries I decided on four rounds with four pilots in each slot.With only 7 slots going to the full 10 mins it was a difficult days flying . Kevin Newitt came out the round winner and also was the only flyer which scored the perfect 100 landing points.
      Kevin was joined in the flyoff by Ian Duff, Pete Alen & Simon Vaitkievicus.Pete had radio problems in the 2nd round but luckily recovered his undamaged model out of a tree. The winner for the day was Ian Duff who travelled the furthest followed by Kevin then simon & peter.
      I’d like to thank all who turned out on the day and hope they all enjoyed it as much as i did running it.
      Mark De Vall
      table.tableizer-table { border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #ccc; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #4297C9; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; }
      Pilot rd1 rd2 rd3 rd4 total % kevin Newitt 1000 1000 977 1000 3977 100 Peter Allan 858 1000 1000 1000 3858 96.5 Ian Duff 1000 1000 852 1000 3852 96.8 Simon Vaitkievicus 1000 987 907 897 3791 95.3 Cengiz Philcox 926 895 1000 832 3653 91.8 Graham Gilliett 1000 741 933 930 3604 90.6 Neville Warby 971 753 871 894 3489 87.7 Alan Morton 915 531 1000 1000 3446 86.6 Dave East 967 1000 473 997 3437 86.4 Bob Dickinson 624 994 1000 817 3435 86.3 Peter Newitt 903 727 827 968 3425 86.1 Brian Johnson 518 842 1000 1000 3360 84.4 Chaz Dunster 919 1000 887 551 3357 88.4 John Shenstone 938 947 501 744 3130 78.7 William Watson 1000 696 581 766 3043 76.5 Mike Raybone 799 692 662 732 2885 72.5 Mark De Vall 0 951 931 780 2662 66.9 Cengiz Philcox 100s 716 810 568 473 2567 64.5 Jason Griffith 523 409 768 815 2515 63.2

    • The last round of the 2011/12 winter series took place on Sunday 11th March, we had 14 entries.
      After cancelling the February comp due to bad weather it was a real treat to be greeted with perfect gliding weather, not only sun but also very warm with a gentle breeze.
      Round 1 started at around 10.30 and we soon found lift, the lowest time during the first slot was 9.00mins!! We carried on flying and the only concern was losing site of models escalating into the blue sky.
      Round 1,2,3 and 4 proved very enjoyable indeed and many slots were flown out easily, we moved into round 5 and slot 1 started badly with Dave Varrallo losing his elevator control, the model was badly damaged as it hit the ground at speed.
      During slot 2 we had a mid air between Neville Warby and Simon Vaitkevicius both fighting for the same patch of lift, both models suffered damage but managed safe landings.
      Slot 3 and Mick Thorpe came into contact with David Leech’s Mini Ava on launch the result was an uncontrollable fuzz without tail plane followed by a scattering of wingtip parts, all fell to earth safely, Micks model managed a safe landing but also suffered damage.
      After 4 good rounds and a cruel 5th round the winners for the day were,
      1st Chris Grant with his home built 100s model with 4786 points
      2nd went to Peter Newitt with 4761
      3rd went to Simon V with 4607
      Top 100s went to 2nd place John Hullet as Chris took the overall prize for the day.
      Thanks must go as always to Neville Warby for all his help throughout the series making my job a lot
      easier. Thanks also to all competitors who took part and please keep coming.
      Full results for round 6 are below.
      To finish the day off I had a phone call during round 5 telling me my son David was being air lifted to Peterborough City hospital suffering a badly broken leg (football injury) I packed away the kit drove to hospital and spent all evening with him, I returned Monday morning and didn’t return home until 5.30pm. He is now comfortable at home but will be out of action for 6-8 weeks. He has broken both his tibia and fibula in his right leg. I think he should consider taking up a more gentle sport… say…. model gliding?
      The Mike Lucas 100s comps start on April 8th at Twywell so dust of those 100s models cycle the batteries and I’ll see you there.
      table.tableizer-table { border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #ccc; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #4196C8; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; }
      Name freq Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Final Score % Score Pos Chris Grant 100s 80 929 891 1000 1000 967 4786 100 1 Pete Newitt 64 983 1000 995 874 909 4761 99.5 2 Simon Vaitkievicus 66 1000 1000 995 924 688 4607 96.3 3 Fozzy 68 1000 459 997 1000 1000 4456 93.1 4 Kevin Newitt 64 1000 861 1000 577 974 4412 92.2 5 Ozzy Osbourne 2.4 617 861 940 970 1000 4388 91.7 6 John Hullet 100s 78 595 649 911 815 1000 3970 82.9 7 Alan Morton 100s 78 828 726 992 871 551 3968 82.9 8 Neville Warby 60/64 400 770 1000 1000 706 3876 81 9 Graham Gilliatt 66 468 944 882 616 956 3867 80.8 10 Mick Thorpe 2.4 518 632 1000 948 409 3507 73.3 11 William Watson 66 351 1000 804 391 754 3300 69 12 David Leech 100s 78 998 398 409 540 834 3179 66.4 13 Dave Varallo 2.4/74 921 588 762 485 0 2756 57.6 14

    • Sheffield Winter Open 2012

      By Fozzie, in Contest Reports,

      Twelve hardy pilots turned up for a very challenging days flying. Round one started aound 10.30am with the best time put in by Kevin Newitt of 8mins 9sec. Unfortunately in this slot also the only serious damage of the day when Cengiz 100s folded on the ping .
      Round two saw the times getting better and great flights coming from Alan Morton with his 100s & Cengiz who beat off very good pilots to claim 1000 points each.
      The fly-off pilots were Kevin Newitt, Steve Haley, Neville Warby & myself.
      Final Results.
      4 Round Score                                 Fly Off
      1st Kevin Newitt 3637                        1965
      2nd Steve Haley 3957                       1949
      3rd Neville Warby 3645                     1896
      4th Mark De Vall 3317                       1624
      5th Bob Dickinson open 3243
      6th Alan Morton 3102
      7th Cengiz philcotts open 3028
      8th Simon Haley 3027
      9th Pete Newitt 2896
      10th Bill Haley 2824
      11th Clive Needham 2126
      12th Cengiz Philcotts 100s 2099
      13th Bob Dickinson 100s 1594
      14th Mike Challender 0 scratched after round 1 damage.
      I’d like to thank all of the pilots for turning out for what became a good days flying & hope you all have a great and successful years flying.
      Mark De Vall

    • Peterborough Open 2011

      By alanmorton, in Contest Reports,

      The annual Peterborough Open took place on Sunday 25th of September 18 pilots turned up to fly, we had 3 double entries for both open and 100s making a total of 21 entries. Neville Warby was CD for the day and soon had the field ready to go.
      We were greeted by a gentle NNE wind and the odd spot of rain, while we were all setting up the rain dried up and the wind speed increased, by the time the comp started the wind was around 10-15mph. We used a new automatic timing system similar to the F3J timers with a 5-minute preparation time and this worked ok.
      Round 1 got underway and Graham Gilliatt was the first to score 1000 points with a time of 7.50 and a 40-point bonus. Round 1 slots were not brilliant and it wasn’t until the middle of round 2 that times increased to the 9.50s, landing points were increasingly important as the day progressed. Jeff Stocking unfortunately had a wing tip come off during his first launch and this forced him to retire before he had even started. Chris Grant suffered damage during round 2 and he also had to retire early.
      The wind continued to blow and by the 3rd round was gusting 15-20 mph (guess). Up until this point I had been doing well and was actually on top of the leader board, I launched for my 3rd flight and everything was normal until I came off the line, it was as if my model had been switched of mid flight, absolutely no control whatsoever, the model just headed for earth and then buried itself. I later checked the batteries and they were still in the top green, the transmitter was used straight afterwards for my second model with no problems, the Ariel even after the impact was still attached to the receiver, the servos appear to have no gear damage. I guess I will never know the reason, which is annoying and scary. The model had flown twice that day and had been ranged checked before the comp started. I will be checking the wreckage thoroughly and will also check my other models for signs of wear or loose linkages, which could have contributed!
      By the end of round 4 the wind was still increasing and John Hullett became victim to the turbulence, he suffered slight damaged to both of his models. Neville called for the vote to move straight on to the fly off after round 4, this was agreed and 5 pilots entered the fly off for two 15-minute flights.
      The first flight was short with a winning time of just 6.58mins by Neville Warby, the second was better and was won easily by Kevin Newitt with 11.17mins. Overall winner for the day was Kevin Newitt, Second place went to Neville Warby, and third went to Peter Allen. Top 100s for the 4 rounds also went to Kevin but he chose open for the fly off and this allowed David leech to enter the fly off and finish top 100s. Well done to all fly off pilots, a challenging day.
      Neville did an excellent job ensuring the comp was a success and we all thank him for his efforts, thanks also to all pilots for making it a good day. More open comps to come with the start of the winter series on October the 16th, all dates and more information on web page.
      Alan Morton.

    • Radioglide 2011

      By Austin, in Radioglide,

      The appalling weather experienced over the late spring bank holiday weekend caused the cancellation of the Radioglide events scheduled for the Sunday and Monday. Some flying was possible on Saturday but because of the increasingly strong winds through the day many people opted not to fly.
      100s started early in the morning before the wind became too strong and it was possible to complete 6 rounds and a fly off by 2pm. Terry Pelling topped a fine performance by winning all but one of the rounds and both rounds of the fly off. Outstanding!
      After lunch, with increasing wind, many more pilots opted not to fly and the event was reduced to just one slot per round. In spite of the wind some slots were being flown out for the full 10 minutes and four rounds were completed before it was finally decided to call a halt.
      The rules specify that a score is dropped after 3 rounds have been completed so Peter Allen won in spite of not being able to fly in the last round because of a damaged model.
      100s Fly Off Results
      table.tableizer-table { border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #ccc; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #4297C9; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; }
      Rank Name Score Pcnt Rnd1 Dur Rnd2 Dur 1 Pelling, Terry 2000 100 1000 1000 2 Dickinson, Bob 1287.4 64.37 554.8 732.6 3 Warby, Neville 1071.4 53.57 408.6 662.8 4 Chambers, Glyn 669.4 33.47 669.4 0 100s Preliminary Rounds
      table.tableizer-table { border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #ccc; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #4297C9; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; }
      Rank Name Score Pcnt Rnd1 Dur Rnd2 Dur Rnd3 Dur Rnd4 Dur Rnd5 Dur Rnd6 Dur 1 Pelling, Terry 5821.7 100 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 821.7 2 Chambers, Glyn 5374.4 92.32 847.2 1000 754.7 1000 1000 772.5 3 Warby, Neville 5313.4 91.27 1000 690 1000 998.1 625.3 1000 4 Dickenson, Bob 4656.4 79.98 895.7 953.3 483.5 694.4 922.3 707.2 5 Sleight, Robin 4504 77.37 842.2 830.6 636.8 481.6 712.8 1000 6 Goddard, Ken 4284.4 73.59 557.3 680.1 741.9 944.9 632.7 727.5 7 James, Graham 4070 69.91 570 766.7 363.2 974.3 494.9 900.9 8 Binnie, Gary 3870 66.48 583.3 465.1 697.3 698.3 774.8 651.2 9 Nicoll, Ken 3412.4 58.62 436.1 366.7 682.4 849.3 509.4 568.5 10 Philcox, Cengiz 1676.8 28.8 983.3 693.5 0 0 0 0 ELG Overall Results
      table.tableizer-table { border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #ccc; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #4297C9; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; }
      Rank Name Score Pcnt Raw Score Rnd1 Dur Rnd2 Dur Rnd3 Dur Rnd4 Dur Drop1 Dur Penlty 1 Allen, Peter 2993.6 100 2993.6 993.6 1000 1000 0 0 0 2 Sleight, Robin 2652.5 88.61 3396.3 1000 853.4 743.8 799.1 743.8 0 3 Mitchell, Peter 2571.1 85.89 3164.4 593.3 960.7 723.6 886.8 593.3 0 4 Hanham, Cliff 2546.1 85.05 3208 661.9 968.6 750.6 826.9 661.9 0 5 Wharrie, Martyn 2512 83.91 2945.8 433.8 774.9 737.1 1000 433.8 0 6 Pelling, Terry 2361.6 78.89 2843.3 909.1 481.7 730.3 722.2 481.7 0 7 1, Spare 2358.2 78.77 2978.4 878.8 725.1 620.2 754.3 620.2 0 8 Lucas, Colin 1982.9 66.24 2312 575.8 780.1 627 329.1 329.1 0 9 2, Spare 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 Foss, Chris 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 Gadenne, Ray 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 James, Graham 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 Jones, Bernie 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    • Alan Morton has produced a new website with all the event detail, reports and results covering the Winter series Open and the Mike Lucus 100s comps. He has done an excellent job and it’s full of information about these popular events.
      The website is called glassflight.co.uk
      Click here to see the website

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