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  • Multilaunch League Results

  • Multilaunch League 2018 Final

    1Robert Ryan371.34
    2Ian Nicholls366.94
    3Eddy Small341.94
    4Allan Twine311.64
    5Tony Wood203.93
    6Colin Boorman169.62
    7Keith Benton169.33
    8Nick Jackson161.32
    9Michael Connell1492
    10Colin Paddon981
    11Simon Thornton97.91
    12Bob Love79.91
    13Eamon Keating281

    Multilaunch League 2017 Final

    1Derek Collings180.72
    2Allan Twine178.72
    3Richard Harris174.12
    4Ian Nicholls1682
    5Eddy Small167.42
    6Colin Boorman1001
    7Robert Ryan88.71
    8Rod Potts87.61
    9Nick Jackson85.41
    10Keith Benton691
    11Michael Connell60.81
    12Steve Crowther43.81

    Multilaunch League 2016

    1Alan Twine394.24
    2Derek Collings382.74
    3Colin Boorman333.24
    4Eddy Small321.74
    5Ian Nicholls255.43
    6Nick Jackson182.62
    7Rod Potts175.12
    8Bob Hope162.82
    9Mike Connell118.52
    10Peter Allen1001
    11Colin Paddon99.61
    12Simon Thornton99.51
    13Kevin Beale98.61
    14Bob Dickenson88.41
    15Cengiz Philcox841
    16Gary Binnie83.81
    17Keith Benton83.52
    18Jef Ott82.81
    19Tony Wood82.41
    20Robin Sleight74.31
    21John Shenstone72.71
    22Al Lipscombe70.41
    23Jason Bioletti63.11
    24Mike Fantham59.61
    25Graham James57.21
    26Steve Crowther53.31
    27David John Fogg51.61

    Multilaunch League 2015

    1Graham Wicks1992
    2Colin Paddon191.22
    3Peter Mitchell189.72
    4Kevin Beale186.12
    5Ray Gadenne181.92
    6Colin Boorman177.32
    7John Wicks1752
    8Kevin Dart161.42
    9Robin Sleight1272
    10Russell Mexome126.22
    11Peter Allen1001
    12Jeff Ott1001
    13Cengiz Philcox97.91
    14Bob Hope93.71
    15Alan Twine931
    16Gary Binnie90.71
    17Gary Matthews88.71
    18Eddy Small83.71
    19Graham James81.91
    20John Shenstone811
    21Nick Jackson79.91
    22Paul Wainwright78.11
    23Rod Potts73.91
    24Derek Collings71.61
    25Maria Freeman69.51
    26Bob Dickenson67.31
    27Ian Duff66.41
    28Peter Sainsbury62.51
    29Ian Nicholls61.71
    30Tom Frankland58.51
    31Michael Ranger57.21

    Multilaunch League 2014

    1Alan Twine198.62
    2Colin Paddon192.92
    3Graham Wicks191.92
    4Kevin Beale190.41
    5Brian Austin185.81
    6Colin Boorman185.41
    7Peter Mitchell171.11
    8Jeff Ott162.71
    9Ian Nicholls160.21
    10Bob Hope159.81
    11Tom Frankland146.61
    12Gary Matthews1001
    13Randolph Taylor95.71
    14Rod Potts901
    15Tony Wood86.11
    16Peter Sainsbury83.71
    17Eddy Small82.41
    18Nick Jackson80.71
    19Tony Merritt80.21
    20Robin Sleight75.91
    21Paul Wainwright74.61
    22Derek Collings731
    23Russell Mexome63.11
    24Trevor Blackwell36.31

    Multilaunch League 2013

    1Peter Mitchell3304
    2Tom Frankland292.84
    3Jeff Ott262.83
    4Ray Gadenne256.63
    5Brian Austin224.33
    6Colin Paddon199.72
    7Gary Matthews190.12
    8Graham Wicks183.42
    9Jason Burns1802
    10Trevor Blackwell177.54
    11Randolph Taylor175.72
    12Paul Wainwright173.82
    13Tony Merritt1652
    14Tony Wood1592
    15Bob Hope140.63
    16Peter Sainsbury138.42
    17Eddy Small1282
    18Alan Twine117.52
    19Andre Borowski95.41
    20Kevin Dart95.11
    21Derek Collings88.91
    22Colin Boorman821
    23Chris Foss79.21
    24Michael Ranger781
    25Robin Sleight76.91
    26Kevin Beale69.71
    27Mike Connell67.81
    28Nick Jackson58.31

    Multilaunch League 2012

    1Jason Burns393.18
    2Ray Gadenne371.15
    3Paul Wainwright346.25
    4Jeff Ott332.84
    5Tom Frankland300.35
    6Brian Austin283.83
    7Peter Mitchell2634
    8Trevor Blackwell247.65
    9Gary Matthews195.92
    10Graham Wicks189.12
    11Tony Merritt170.62
    12Bob Hope144.32
    13Ray Elwell130.62
    14Peter Hindle111.92
    15Randolph Taylor103.72
    16Colin Boorman87.41
    17Alan Twine85.21
    18Martin Bell84.91
    19Derek Collings84.41
    20Tony Wood83.71
    21Peter Sainsbury83.41

    Multilaunch League 2011

    1Brian Austin369.26
    2Ray Gadenne357.15
    3Jason Burns344.25
    4Peter Sainsbury329.64
    5Peter Mitchell315.56
    6Mike Ranger289.66
    7Bob Hope272.84
    8Chris Foss269.53
    9Alan Twine2593
    10Martin Bell2483
    11Rod Potts237.83
    12Robin Sleight1803
    13Paul Wainwright178.62
    14Tom Frankland174.24
    15Eddy Small164.53
    16Tony Merritt164.43
    17Ray Elwell160.42
    18Shane Alce158.92
    19Derek Collings148.62
    20Trevor Blackwell1453
    21R Harris123.32
    22Colin Paddon99.61
    23Gary Matthews88.61
    24Graham Wicks88.51
    25Jeff Ott84.41
    26Colin Lucas78.11
    27Colin Boorman64.11

  • Radioglide 2014

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    Terry Weeks

    In spite of complaints that Radioglide 2013 did not provide enough events for the electric launched gliders, thus the staging of a Multilaunch competition this year, the entry level was very disappointing at only eight. Due to the poor forecast for the week end one of the eight did not attend, so cutting the final flyers to seven. This forced an, on-the-day re-matrix which was successfully implemented by CD Terry Weeks giving each flyer five fights and also ensuring that no-one flew against any other specific competitor more than twice.

    As it happened the weather for the event was good, a bright sky with some cloud cover but with a fairly stiff breeze which increased as the day progressed. Strong thermals were occasionally in evidence but they were few and far between so making for challenging flying conditions.

    Of the seven flyers six were flying electric launched models with only Robin Sleight flying a pure glider. No DLG flyers. Robin struggled with multiple line breaks due to the strong breeze and (as the only glider flyer) he had no back up winch available. However on the one occasion where the line held, he had the highest launch and the best score of the day at 9.45 plus 50. The electric launched flyers were very well matched and it was all pretty close with the result in doubt until the final flights allowing for one score to be dropped. With the dropped score, Terry Weeks (in addition to his CD duties) emerged the winner.

    With the difficulty of finding good lift, it was often the earliest electric re-launch which won the slot. The revised height limiter cut off of 175 (rather than 150M) worked well in practice. Robin’s one (no line break) launch, as mentioned above, was probably slightly higher but the electric launched models were able to penetrate much further upwind prior to the start of the timed flight so the multi-launch concept worked fairly.

    Regardless of the low entry, those who did fly, enjoyed the day but thought is needed for 2015 to ensure better support of what is, arguably a premier BARCS soaring class contest.

    Terry Weeks 4000 1st
    Ray Gadenne 3938 2nd
    Terry Pelling 3919 3rd

    Jeff Ott 3826 4th
    Peter Mithcell 3690 5th
    Glyn Chambers 3581 6th
    Robin Sleight 2656 7th
    Martyn Wharrie DNF 8th

    Report by Terry Weeks & Robin Sleight


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