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  • RES League at 31/07/2019

    1Alan Morton194.42
    2John Shenstone175.72
    3Neville Warby160.12
    4Mark DeVall160.12
    5Andy Sephton47.71

    RES League 2018 Final

    1Alan Morton281.63
    2John Shenstone172.32
    3Gary Binnie97.41
    4Neville Warby80.51
    5Mark DeVall801
    6David John Fogg58.41
    7Peter Newman24.61

    RES League 2017 Final

    1Alan Morton4008
    2Neville Warby376.94
    3John Shenstone351.45
    4John Hulett348.97
    5David John Fogg280.14
    6Mark DeVall153.42
    7Gary Binnie147.32
    8Ken Goddard68.41

    RES League 2016 Final

    1Alan Morton398.28
    2Kevin Newitt390.25
    3Peter Newitt3745
    4John Shenstone365.55
    5Mark DeVall363.74
    6John Hulett362.98
    7David Leech355.57
    8Neville Warby353.15
    9David John Fogg151.33
    10Ken Goddard1192
    11Graham James97.21
    12Robin Sleight80.21
    13Bob Dickenson62.31

    RES League 2015

    1Kevin Newitt3965
    2Alan Morton390.67
    3Peter Newitt379.65
    4John Shenstone378.25
    5Mark DeVall369.64
    6Neville Warby368.65
    7Graham Gilliatt355.85
    8William Watson345.54
    9John Hulett344.39
    10David Leech313.64
    11Ken Goddard240.43
    12David John Fogg234.93
    13Simon Vaitkevicius145.32
    14Graham James1001
    15Al Lipscombe95.12
    16Robin Sleight86.62

    RES League 2014

    1Kevin Newitt3986
    2John Shenstone3916
    3Neville Warby389.97
    4Alan Morton389.913
    5Peter Newitt386.26
    6John Hulett385.112
    7Mark DeVall366.55
    8William Watson351.46
    9Graham Gilliatt3485
    10David Leech344.110
    11Jason Griffiths3316
    12Ken Goddard277.45
    13David John Fogg277.25
    14Robin Sleight196.73
    15Cengiz Philcox185.32
    16Graham James1782
    17Andy Lewis177.12
    18Tom Frankland146.62
    19Brian Johnson1001
    20Gary Binnie981
    21Ian Stewart96.21
    22David Varallo95.52
    23Jon Stanswood90.31
    24Trevor Blackwell812
    25Bob Dickenson68.41
    26Al Lipscombe66.61
    27Jeff Stocking65.91
    28David Hunter56.41

    RES League 2013

    1Kevin Newitt397.36
    2Alan Morton39713
    3John Hulett391.910
    4Neville Warby379.57
    5Peter Newitt373.76
    6John Shenstone3677
    7David Leech366.69
    8William Watson334.36
    9Jason Griffiths323.26
    10Graham Gilliatt305.64
    11Mick Thorpe3017
    12Mark DeVall296.93
    13Tom Frankland292.84
    14David Varallo224.53
    15Cengiz Philcox196.12
    16Trevor Blackwell177.54
    17Andy Lewis149.52
    18David John Fogg142.93
    19Gary Binnie130.12
    20Jeff Stocking121.24
    21Jon Stanswood99.91
    22Al Lipscombe78.11
    23Graham James74.51
    24Ken Goddard58.71
    25Robin Sleight32.61
    26Ivan Brown16.21
    27Brian Johnson10.61

    RES League 2012

    1Kevin Newitt4007
    2Peter Newitt393.97
    3Alan Morton393.29
    4Simon Vaitkevicius387.87
    5John Hulett382.47
    6Neville Warby3808
    7David Leech371.98
    8Ken Goddard365.97
    9Graham Gilliatt360.26
    10William Watson344.87
    11Mick Thorpe325.14
    12Tom Frankland300.35
    13David John Fogg3004
    14Dave Varallo293.65
    15Colin Sparrow249.33
    16Trevor Blackwell247.65
    17Brian Johnson191.72
    18Mark DeVall168.32
    19Andy Lewis166.12
    20Jeff Stocking162.43
    21Robin Sleight155.62
    22Al Lipscombe153.32
    23Ivan Brown133.72
    24Bob Dickenson118.42
    25Bob Hope87.41
    26Graham James84.81
    27Glyn Chambers81.31
    28Terry Pelling79.11
    29Gary Binnie67.41

    RES League 2011

    1John Hulett399.98
    2Kevin Newitt398.37
    3Alan Morton389.68
    4Peter Newitt387.36
    5Simon Vaitkevicius380.15
    6David Leech370.17
    7Neville Warby369.48
    8Graham Gilliatt355.16
    9Ken Goddard352.35
    10Jason Griffiths321.96
    11Willian Watson309.66
    12Colin Sparrow303.94
    13David J Fogg294.95
    14Andy Lewis284.25
    15Brian Johnson268.83
    16M Thorpe243.63
    17Robin Sleight216.53
    18Trevor Blackwell203.44
    19Tom Frankland174.24
    20Chris Grant162.63
    21Graham James159.22
    22Ken Tinkler155.73
    23Bob Dickenson148.52
    24Dave Varallo143.72
    25Jeff Stocking118.85
    26Terry Pelling1001
    27Glyn Chambers92.31
    28Jon Stanswood921
    29David Hunter831
    30Gary Binnie66.51
    31Ken Nicoll58.61
    32Ivan Brown52.11
    33Cengiz Philcox28.81
    34Bob Owston14.91

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