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    40th Festival of Flat Field Soaring May 25th – 27th 

    All events are open entry and all competitor must be members of BMFA.

    BARCS ELG allows a double entry, each entry must be with a different class model e.g. Open and 2Mtr. A second entry fee is reduced to £5.

    F5J will be run as two separate competitions, both counting towards BARCS and BMFA leagues.

    The RadioGlide F5J Champion will be decided by the best results of both events combined.

    RadioGlide ‘Victor Ludorum’ Trophy will be awarded for the best combined score from 3 events.

    BARCS members discount = £5 off each event entered, but no further discount on second ELG entry.

    ALL JUNIOR ENTRIES ARE Free of Charge but must enter using the Entry form attached (RG2019.pdf) and NOT online. 


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