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    44th Festival of Flat Field Soaring May 24th - 27th 2024

    Location: BMFA National Flying Centre, Sewstern Road, Buckminster, Grantham, NG33 5RW.

    Competition schedule and details for Radioglide 2024 are now confirmed as follows:

    The main flying schedule will be as follows:  

    Friday May 24th - all day practice/fly for fun (soaring)

    Saturday & Sunday May 25th/26th - FAI classes for F3K and F5J  

    Monday May 27th F3L/F5L and GPS

    F5J will be a two-day event with a single dropped score to determine the 2024 Radioglide Champion.

    This will be the first of three comps during 2024 which count towards 2025 British Team Selection.

    Subject to weather etc. the plan is to have 6 rounds Saturday and 5 rounds on Sunday followed by two 15-minute Fly Off slots on Sunday only.

    Pilots can enter for a single day if they prefer. Each day’s event will be based on 1 dropped score for the day and will count as a separate BMFA league event, subject to a minimum of 4 rounds being completed on the day. 

    A 2M class will run concurrently within the F5J event (F5J rules) to encourage RES & eSoaring pilots to take part in the competition. 

    F3K will be a two-day event. Plan is to have a minimum of 12 rounds in total to enable one dropped score to determine the overall winner. 

    Pilots can enter for a single day if they prefer - their result will be calculated as a percentage of the two-day score for a single league result. 

    F3L/F5L will be run to the FAI rules incorporating a matrix slot-based schedule and spot landing bonuses. The full rules are available on the BMFA website using the following links:



    There is a single entry fee and pilots will be able to enter either or both classes. 

    The number of rounds and slots in each round will be confirmed by the CD ahead of the event and will be partly determined by the number of competitors.

    GPS event will include classes for both “Sport” and “Light” models.  

    Lilienthal trophy will be awarded to the highest placed newcomer to Radioglide. To be eligible you must be attending Radioglide for the first time and be a BARCS member. Please tick the appropriate box on the entry screen to confirm if you are eligible.

    Victor Ludorum trophy will be awarded based on the best result by a BARCS member across two or more competitions. 

    Entry fees

    An Early Bird entry fee of £10 per event, per day, will apply for all entries received by 30th April.

    Thereafter, the standard entry fee for each class will be £15 per event, per day, with entries closing on Monday 20th May. 

    Entry after 20th May, (for exceptional circumstances only) will be at the discretion of the CD and there is no guarantee of entry. Late entry fee will be £22.50 per class, per day i.e. standard fee plus 50%. 

    Entry fee refunds will be at the sole discretion of Committee.  

    All entries must be made online using the BARCS website. If you are unable to do this, please email me at stevenknowles@btinternet.com

    ALL JUNIOR ENTRIES ARE FOC BUT MUST ENTER by email to stevenknowles@btinetrnet.com

    Friday practice/fun fly (soaring class models)

    There is no charge for entrants to use the field on Friday and no limits on flying time. Non-entrants, wishing to join us, must be BMFA members, be accompanied by an entrant (a great opportunity for you to invite a potential future entrant), or registered with one of the CDs, and will be required to pay the standard Buckminster day rate via the site office. 


    All flyers must show proof of BMFA insurance or equivalent cover, and where applicable comply with Buckminster site rules https://nationalcentre.bmfa.org/flying/flying-rules-legacy as well as any event specific requirements set out by the event CDs. 

    In the event of an incident the CDs and BARCS Committee members will have a list of emergency contacts.  

    There are First Aid and Burns kits, plus a Defibrillator on site. We would appreciate if any competitors who are trained first aiders, who would be willing to make themselves known to the organisers in advance, could contact me at stevenknowles@btinternet.com.

    In case of emergency site location is: what3words ///growth.expensive.furniture   or Post Code NG33 5RW


    Camping can be reserved and paid for on the BARCS website. The fees are determined by the BMFA and will be calculated (as last year) based on the nb. of nights per unit that you require. The fees this year are:

    1 night £20;     2 nights £38;     3 nights £54;     4 nights £68.

    If due to a flying day being cancelled by the organisers, pre-booked camping fees for any nights not used i.e. if you arrive later or depart earlier because of the cancellation, can be refunded via BARCS.  The fee charged for the remaining nights will be adjusted in accordance with the rate structure and any claim for a refund needs to made by email to stevenknowles@btinternet.com  by Friday 31st May before we pay the fees to the BMFA.   

    Campers are responsible for clearing up and disposing of all rubbish please. 

    No flying should take place in, or over, the camp site.

    See https://nationalcentre.bmfa.org/visitor-info/camping for further details.

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