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  • Membership Renewals

    You will receive notification by post or email when your membership is up for renewal. Membership remains annual, but will now run from 1st.April to 31st.March. This is because our financial year has also been changed to these dates.

    New Full Membership

    Purchase a full BARCS single membership for just £10 per year or £12 for families. With a full membership you have instant access to our forums and member only areas. You can create your own personal Blog and Image Galleries . You will have unlimited image uploads and the ability to edit your forum posts for longer periods. You can instantly post in the for sale section. Your membership also helps us run our website and provide these services. 

    If you prefer to join or renew by post use the form on this page; https://www.barcs.co.uk/barcs/membership/

Vendor Packages

If you are interested in advertising, one of the most effective ways is through our vendor packages.

We offer two different packages with different levels of advertising and the ability to participate with potential and existing customers through our forums. Our members need to know who you are and what your business is about. Going the extra mile by being active within our forums will get your business recognized and earn loyalty from our modeling community. 

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