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BMFA League 1 Bwlch 23 April 2023


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ok - I am calling this ON!

Meet at the T-Junction at 9am on Sunday.

I have enabled the PayPal Payments on the entry list, so could you please pay the entry fee before the end of Saturday if you intend to come.

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Just now, Graeme_M said:

It’s looking to be on the ice cream slope now, so not a problem.

Maybe - but it's changing all the time - could be completely different again by tomorrow morning.

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Apologies gents, but I'll not be joining you tomorrow. 

Have a great time though, fingers crossed for low humidity and a decent breeze.


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Not had chance to sit down yet but what a days racing. 

. Thanks to everyone who turned out and helped to make the day such a success. 6 rounds of very british f3f. I think just about everyone had some good air, some dross and much inbetween. 

. I think there were 8 designs being flown, i'll get to the pictures later. 


a good weekend



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I'm still licking my wounds but I have to say that it was a most enjoyable days racing and I even got a bit sunburned! Huge thanks to everyone that organised it and made it such an enjoyable day.

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15 Pilots decided to take a punt on very changeable forecast. We were greeted at the slope with a very small amount of wind but blowing positively on the Ice Cream slope, as the forecast suggested, so we made our way over there.

Unfortunately, we unpacked the equipment to realise that we had no wires for the buzzers! We did have some rather short testing wires in the box, so we came up with a system of buzzing by proxy where the turn judges would indicate the turn using flags, and someone in the centre would press the buttons on their behalf.

We amused ourselves for a while until around 11:30 when the wind finally picked up to around 4m/s and blowing straight on to the slope:


Round 1 was started at 12 o'clock. Times were mainly in the 60s or 70s, but Mark Redsell put in a 58.92 to win the round.

Round 2 was got even slower with several times in the 80s, but at the end of the round, Paul Stubley put in a 53.82 as a rather large black rain cloud approached us.

Round 3 began just as the rain came in. The first 2 flights were reflights and we were forced to take cover for around an hour.

Eventually the rain cleared, leaving us with sunshine and a 9-10m/s wind!

We restarted round 3 with slightly faster times, mainly in the 50s. Peter Gunning took the top spot with a 51.27.

Round 4 got faster again! Times in the 40s and 50s with a 46.65 by Mark Redsell winning the round.

Round 5 saw a few low 40s times with a splendid 42.22 by Graeme Mahoney.

Round 6 started to slow up a bit, but Peter Gunning managed to find a 44.92 from somewhere.


After 6 rounds flown:


Fastest Time went to Graeme Mahoney with his 42.22 in round 5

Well done John!

Big Thanks to Graeme Mahoney, William Fourie and Graham Hill for helping out with the centre and the proxy buzzing.

Thanks to all who came and helped with the flagging, launching and setting up the course.



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A cracking day out in Wales yesterday. Thank you to all who made it so. Yes there was a bit of rain but it wasn't biblical and only lasted long enough for some lunch and a natter. It also justified lugging the the brolly out there.

Managed to avoid coming last in every round aided mainly by other people getting worse air than i did rather than any huge flying skills from me! Still managed to come last overall by some considerable distance. Maths is funny stuff.

Maybe it's time for a better plane, these new fangled things with the ballast in the wings seem to be faster. It might just be flying too far past the bases though.


Is there a crock of gold in Treorchy?

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