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F3F Northern Winter League 2023 / 2024


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2 hours ago, William said:

Is the 2nd March going ahead? I can't see where to put my name down for it, but I'll be there if it's on.

We don't have an entry list. Jon will call it on/off on Friday evening around 7 o'clock.

Forecast not looking too good at the moment, but could go either way in the next couple of days.

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Well, I don’t think there is any benefit from prolonging the agony, tomorrow’s event is OFF.

A low pressure area is dragging in varying amounts of rain, and with no obvious weather window to give some hope of getting a comp in, it appears to be a lost cause this time.

Still, think positive, there is always the last round on the 16th March to look forward to.
All things crossed, we will see you there


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I don't know whether this is good or bad news, but the last Winter League event at Horcum is this weekend. 
The forecast is its usual mixed bag of conditions with anyones guess at what will happen on Saturday.

Still forever hopeful, the call will be made on Friday evening


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Oh dear, not very promising for this weekend.
Looks like a pleasant sunny day on the South bowl, but with virtually no wind for the first part of the day.
and then barely getting above the legal limit in the afternoon.
Detecting little or no enthusiasm for such a forecast, sadly tomorrows comp is OFF

But we have the CoC to look forward to, and the weather for that will be brill , honest
See you all on the 23rd / 24th March at Horcum


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