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Welsh Open F3F 2019 13th - 15th September


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Wow, that was tight, 0.06 points or about 0.003 seconds! Still very happy though. Well done Fernando ūüĎć

A great weekend despite the light & variable conditions. My good fortune continues this year. Commiserations to those who got nowt.

The CD's did very well to maximize flying time despite the weather and it was a great laugh as always, long live the Welsh Open!

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On 06/09/2019 at 10:16, oipigface said:


So, if you i) have got any photos of the early days;

                     ii) can suggest where I might find competition reports from those pre-internet days; or

                     iii) have any anecdotes to add a bit of spice to my article,

please let me know.


I've got some old magazine scans where I had written F3F articles from 25 and 30 years ago. (Modèle Magazine & Aerotec).

Also, there's one by Pierre Rondel  (RCM) and one by Chas Gardiner (RCM&E).

Trouble is, you need to read French and Spanish.


Graham Woods

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Sorry for the rather belated post but after a horrible journey back I was then faced with three horrid days of work followed by frantically packing for France.

I think I'm not over stepping the mark by saying it wasn't a truly classic Welsh Open this year with very difficult, light conditions that made the flying challenging. I should also say that Kev did a fantastic job to even get the rounds in, making some inspired calls to have us on the right slopes at the right time.

Anyway, as always in F3F,  the cream always floats to the top and all the podiums were will deserved making the most of what they had with beautiful fault free flying.  :)

As for the crack, well regardless of the weather this never lets us down. If the Bwlch is a world class venue for F3F then Bridgend is world class for the night life. I've now decided to name it the Las Vegas of South Wales.  I'd love to tell you some stories but you know what they say "what happens in Bridgend stays in Bridgend" :)

PS I'll post the dates for the Wales Winter League when I get back.




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I much enjoyed the weekend, in spite of less than ideal conditions. Well done to Fernando, Pete and Rich. Thanks to Kev for making the trip down and making some spot-on weather calls. Also to Mark, Andrzej, John, Joel and helpers and also to our visitors from abroad. It's a testament to the Welsh Open that it remains the must-go-to event after twenty years - long may it continue.

Apart from avoiding landing out, my main accomplishment was visiting the Railway Tavern and getting out alive... 

Some photos here with captions:



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