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2.5m to 3m sports sailplane recommendations

Marc RC pilot

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Marc RC pilot

I have my mind set on a sports-type thermal hunter/soarer in the 2.5m to 3m class which I have been saving up for. I will have the fund-arge complete by end of next month touch wood :)

Main use/requirements I am looking for are:

  1. Flying off the flat/bungee launches  
  2. Good thermal efficiency (finding/catching thermals has been/is my true passion)
  3. Good manoeuvrability 
  4. Good penetration into stronger winds ( I used to love some winter flying/challenge of finding sporadic fast moving lift back in the day and making it back from downward legs)   
  5. Relatively light model and strong in the wing spar/join department (I will be stressing it at some points no doubt, basic aerobatics for some fun/windy day bungee launches etc)
  6. Easy ballast system.
  7. Single dihedral  
  8. X-tail configuration (for better authority on bungee launches/personally prefer them aesthetically )
  9. Aileron, flaps, rudder, elevator control  
  10. Some thing relatively "modern" ( I used to/still do love the oldie but goldie classic  Algebra 2.5m but I fear it does not fit the bill on the spar/wing strength/weight front...But still in love with her shape after all these years...😃 )  
  11. £350  budget give or take. Second hand (with servos would be great) or self-build from new due to my limited budget

I have recently purchased/will be using a Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 (which I highly recommend/great functionality and bang for buck) 

Am I asking for to much do you think and with my budget?

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks






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You'll have trouble finding an Expro for £350.00, if you go for something a bit older you'll get the performance, they just won't be trendy.....

I'd recommend a Pike Superior or a Jaro Muller Esprit or perhaps an old F3B 'plane - they're fitted with towhooks and usually around 3 metre-ish

Try checking out moulded model manufacturers that have been going a while, early models of theirs will be less than £350.00, if that Cassiopea that was on BMFA recently had been in good condition you'd probably have got it or something like it.......

Do some research, make up a shortlist, talk to whoever you meet at your local flat field or preferably at a competition - don't snap up the first one you find.......take your time and get the one you want......

Good hunting, good luck




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Marc RC pilot

Pete, thank you mate;  that is great advice (as always). Those birds you mentioned look like the ticket/fab and will be keeping my eye out/doing the research etc/following your advice to the letter. I will make the effort and go to one of these comps you mentioned to see these chaps/ladies and there birds in action, makes good sense and must be quit a thing experience.

My flat field alas tends to be full of power flyers/drones (mainly on weekends) so rarely do I get to see any gliders/f3b type gliders. I do remember witnessing an angel from heaven in the form of a Shinto flown by Leo Thompson there once...What a thing of absolute beauty and design/quality,  and sure, way out of most mere mortal's pockets but worth every penny if you've got it imho. Anyways, back to earth/reality and I will keep hunting and most probably ask for more advice along the way in my quest.



Maybe Richmond park might be another place to visit (I used to fly there as a kid. I hear there are a lot of DLG flyers there now which I am vslowly getting into) 



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Marc RC pilot

Thanks satinet. Ah yes, I see these models on eBay. Just been to there web site, way cheaper for sure.  Thanks for the heads up



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Marc RC pilot
On 28/10/2019 at 21:11, satinet said:


My post said blejzyk. Don't know why that is missing.

They are a range of foam core wing gliders. Much cheaper than mouldies.

I've been looking at there range for quite some time this morning satinet thx  and reading all the build threads on a few of there models on RCGroups.com...They are way cheaper and fits easily into my budget. Although it's only a 2m ship, that Mefisto looks rather tasty and great value :)  

Lovely wings/tips & looking bird...




Does anyone know what the difference is between the two wing profiles? : "HN1033 wing profile with V-tail/ S6063 profile or cross tail".

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Profile question
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